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  • Hi,
    I've been tooling with this portfolio site for the better part of 5-6 months and I am stuck with analysis paralysis. My daytime job is web designer/developer so I am being super nitpicky with the site as a whole. Normally I can just breeze through a site design on client projects but I am getting away from why I want a portfolio to begin with.

    Any input is welcome and needed. If you asked me what I was attempting to do with this site is build on a base framework of a portfolio site then branch into a art knowledge/journey blog with eventually adding a shop.

    Site URL is

    It's not done. I have copied text for filler everywhere and I need to add more artwork.


  • I think you have a working site and don't let noodling get you. Focus on the work. 🙂

  • Pro

    I agree! It's working, the structure is simple and functional and you have it laid out so you can add as many new sections to your portfolio or new pages to the website as you need. The look is simple and memorable, puts emphasis on the work and not on fluffy website graphics. I like it! I think you're overthinking it, you already have something that works and you just need to make the best art pieces to put on there now 🙂 Don't get too hung up on delivery format rather than content... I fI had one feedback, I think the instagram section is a bit too big and prominent so it almost feels like a second portfolio, I would maybe make the squares a lot smaller, have just a couple rows or something, so it's less of a focus than your actual portfolio!

  • @nessillustration Those are excellent points. I was thinking the same. Thank you!

  • @thiskatecreates You are right. Thanks!

  • SVS OG

    Tasks do seem to be harder to accomplish when you are your own client! A portfolio is a constant work in progress as you curate your images into a consistent style. Put out something so people can find you, and you can improve it as you go along.

    Personal opinions:

    • I find the black background in some sections a bit stark - a cool dark grey background and/or an accent color might work well. Your influences of anime and classic cartoons tended toward bright palettes so try experimenting what would accent your pieces well.

    • I don't think you should show the sketchbook drawings in your portfolio, save those for social media. The target audience for a portfolio site generally wants to see your finished pieces so they can visualize how you'll do their project.

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