Last drawing from Dynamic Expressions:Heads & Hands - feedback welcome!

  • Hi everyone and of course @davidhohn! This is incredibly nerve-racking to post this here, but here we are...I was finally able to draw my last project for the Dynamic Expressions class, and I would love to improve.

    A few notes: I didn't really spend time a lot of time on the clothing since it was a heads and hands class, but I didn't place her hands close enough to her head to avoid having to draw the body... (and now I'm going to study up on clothed figure drawing, I think). I was starting to overwork/mangle the hands, so ... I stopped, and this is where I landed.

    Feedback is most welcome! Thank you ☺

    0_1545009219647_hw9_final v1_cropsml.jpg

  • Just wow! This looks great. I took this class in the last session and it's awesome, right!? I think the hands look AMAZING.

  • @thisisnobu woah! This is beautiful. I love the hands and the whole drawing. I don’t have any criticism. I just wanted to say how lovely this image is.

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    @thisisnobu such a beautiful piece! I don’t have any improvements. It’s gorgeous.

  • @thisisnobu

    Your blending ability is so soft and subtle. That's what I really am impressed by. 🙂 Lovely work, keep going and your treatment on the clothes line up with the rest even though you didn't necessarily studied them.

  • This is really a lovely piece, I really like the soft tones and subtleties you have here. The lighting is nice with the many broad planes you’ve applied it on. Overall it is wonderful to look at. I do see two items I’d like to bring up if I may. The hand on the lap is a little off. First, the pinkey is just a tad short, being closer to the length of a thumb than a pinky when the hand is slightly bent at the knuckle line. Second, the lighting on last two knuckles seems off too. Now I’m talking degrees here, nothing major. But the plains of the hand of that area where the pinky and ring finger meet up create a natural fold that often curves out a little. Combine that with the plains of the last two knuckles being more subtle than the others, and you end up with a flatter plain for the light to land on. I’ve probably botched my explanation, if so sorry. Here’s a quick draw over to pick up where my words are failing me. Again, great piece.


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    This is such a beautiful piece! There is something really special about it that I can’t quite put my finger on, it just really evokes a strong mood. It has so much impact for a composition reflecting stillness.

    The one critique I could offer is similar to the one above - the area around the pinky finger of the hand on her lap. The area of the hand just after the pinky finger ends seems to bulge out and is too thick in proportion to the rest of the hand. That area of the hand would not be so thick on a girl of her size, and would further compress when laying on her lap. I thinking correcting that may make other issues disappear, except the pinky knuckle highlight which may still be a bit too strong. Otherwise, really incredible piece of work.

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