I’d love Feedback on my latest piece

  • Hello Everyone!

    I was hoping to get some feedback on a piece I've just finished.

    Here is my piece for Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, featuring Spyro, and an Elder Dragon. I'd appreciate any and all feedback, but please feel free to share your work as well.


  • SVS OG

    I love Spyro, what a fun piece!

    Wings generally come out perpendicular to the body (that can be an arc depending on the flapping), so I think the wings could be rotated a bit, the back one more hidden, front one more vertical. Here are some Google image references of what I mean that are similar to the angle here.


  • @carriecopa That’s great, thank you so much!

    I agree with the wings, I took the reference for them from a plane, rather than a bird. I think that’s where I went wrong (as there’s no motion in a planes wings).

    Love the references you’ve given, I’ve added them for later 🙂

  • @adamshephard Nice work! I think your color harmony is nice, and I like the reds and purples world that you're working in. One thing I see is that Spyro is getting lost, ie blending in with the wing of the dragon, I want him to pop a lot more. It might be a matter of moving that wing in the back, or changing the value of Spyro vs. the dragon wing, or a combination of both. What I would be wary of is simply using a line of some sort of separate the two, it wouldn't be as strong as working out the value / color relationships of the different parts.

    What kind of effect are you going for? Do you have any artists that you're using as inspiration / that you aspire to be similar to?

    Cheers and nice work!

  • @robgale I thought about using a Gaussian blur on the Elder Dragon to make Spyro stand out, but I agree that it’s the wing placement that’s causing him to sit back more.

    I was kind of going for a lineless picture, I’m inspired by Nicholas Koles work in terms of colour and values showing the variations in characters and adding depth.

    Thanks very much Rob!

  • I would agree with @robgale that the color harmony is very nice. One thing I noticed besides the wings is that the legs and tail on the Elder Dragon are not reading properly. It took me a while to figure out which piece was which. I think if you brought the tail up higher it would maybe clean it up. Put a little sky between the legs and tail.

    Fun piece, it looks like Sypro is going for a fun ride!

  • @theprairiefox

    That make sense, otherwise the tail and legs seem to merge into one.

    I really appreciate all of these comments, I'm hoping to do another piece soon so they're all really helpful!

  • @adamshephard I like the lineless quality to this piece. I especially like the shapes of the larger dragons head (haven't played spyro since I was a kid, sorry for not knowing the names) Perhaps apply a grayscale mask to this piece to see where you are getting blending problems- like spyro's face into the wing and cloud below him. I think there is only just enough value difference between the two that it is making it hard to see. Perhaps lighten the sky a little as well- I think that would be a fast fix to help the shapes jump forward. Really, if you can study and follow the form principle (found in Andrew Loomis books) that will really help. I think this piece is nice and would be even lovelier with just a bit more tweaking.

  • IMG_0568.jpeg

    I did end up making some changes soon after but got to update. Thank you all for your help!

  • SVS OG

    @adamshephard great improvement

  • Pro SVS OG

    Great improvement, love the expression on the little guys face!

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