Do you use Pinterest?

  • I use pinterest all the time and I absolutely love it! But as I have said before, keep in mind that pinterest is no social media. People who come to pinterest use it most of the time as inspiration and dont click through to actual websites.

    I see pinterest as a virtual bookmarking system where sometimes you can come to an absolute gem of a website. I use it as inspiration for environmental designs, character designs and just to fill up my creative bankaccount when it's low and dry.

  • SVS OG

    @sas This was part of my hesitation with Pinterest. When I’ve searched it for non-art things (ideas for work related topics) I would often get frustrated that people wouldn’t put links so all I could see was a picture that was intriguing but not really helpful. I think I will probably just use private boards initially.

  • @demotlj Ususally when you click on the image, it will give you the link to where the image is coming from.

  • SVS OG

    @sas I know it's supposed to but often it doesn't work maybe because of too many re-pins or people uploading images without pinning the link.... I don't know. Maybe I'm not using it right but often I would see some interesting craft project or DIY project but not be able to find the instructions that went with it which was really frustrating. Whatever the reason, I think that Pinterest will work better for me as an art board/reference board where all I need to see is the image and artist name.

    Actually, I have the same issue with Google images sometimes. I see an image, click on "Go to Web site" and the web site might have the image buried in the 13th page or I can't find it at all. Minor issues in the grand scheme of things but it can be frustrating.

  • @demotlj Hmmm I don't recognize your problem. I always thought that by repinning something, the original link would come with it. I do however sometimes come across links that don't work anymore because the site name has been changed and the original pinner might have forgotten to change the new URL or the site has just been removed all together.

    Are there more people here who have come across the same problem as Laurie?

  • SVS OG

    @sas It’s also possible I just don’t know what I’m doing 🙂 or it could be that I was trying to do things through the browser on my Mac rather than the Pinterest app. I’ve started using the app for art stuff so I’ll have to see if it works better for other sorts of pins as well.

  • @sas I have the same problem sometimes. It happens when whomever put the pin on Pinterest in the first place did it incorrectly. Most of the time I get the the link I want and sometimes I don’t. Also once or twice every link was that way and I think Pinterest was just glitchy that day. I would say just keep trying. Pinterest is awesome and I use it daily.

  • I'm busy over the next couple of days but can do a case study on an art Pinterest profile I have (not my personal one - this one). It has over 1200 followers and 700k+ views a month. I can give you tips to grow your own and what has worked for me if you want?

  • @nathan

    Thanks, you have a nice solid collection. I am interested in how to best categorise boards and sections. I find I overlap a lot. I am not looking for more followers just an easier time to find what I need to help me personally in growing my own work.


  • @heather-boyd Thanks. I'll be sure to include something about how I choose board names and why. I'll likely have time to write up something on boxing day. 🙂

    If people have any specific questions I'll try include answers to them too.

  • Pinterest is really great social network for collect inspiration boards.
    If you know what you really looking for, that you will get 2 choices... or you find someone who already collected board in same topic... or you find your idea and create your own board.

    I use that every time before the new kind of photo shootings... or for some creative shots.
    This is great opportunity get new ideas and after share your vision to other people!

  • Constantly! I use it for inspiration boards as well as reference boards when I'm working on stories and world building. I'm pretty sure that's not what it was MEANT for, but heck I love it for that. I also have the pintrest plugin installed on Chrome, so any time I see something I like or that inspires me while I'm browsing, I can pin it. I have a whole board full of nothing but illustration, art, and photography that gives me inspiration for when my creative bank account is overdrawn lol.

  • I like Pinterest. I don't know about having a great organizational system, but I have a lot of boards, and I like to look at all the wonderful things I've collected. I use it for both art & for other personal interests. I think if I were starting to use it with a new account, I might create one account for my other interests, and one account just for art--but things can overlap sometimes & it's too late for me to do it that way, anyway!

    I like to collect art that inspires me, styles I might want to incorporate into my style, and I also have boards to collect reference.

    Yes, I've had times when the pins aren't linked properly. Sometimes it's just an image, and sometimes it's a bad link, and often it's something that's been reposted on blogs that are a just list of things & they don't always link to the original.

    It is frustrating, but I just label my pins with something like "photo only" so I won't try to click on it again later (and to warn anyone else).

    Another thing that I've done is to try a Google image search & sometimes I've been able to find the original source that way, then I can add the correct link (I just put it in the comment if it doesn't let me change the link, or if I feel like spending the time, I might download the image then upload it to Pinterest so I can add the correct link).

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