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  • So I’m finally getting around to making some business cards but can’t decide what to use, I’ve come up with 3 options. Please let me know which you like or if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears. I will have my website and other info on the back.

    2_1544682625085_663D5068-B58B-4847-BC80-9576C972E514.jpeg 1_1544682625085_DB9E49FB-FFB8-4EC0-A2BE-4AB9A25244B1.jpeg 0_1544682625085_03AF1FA5-4C09-4078-BE4D-279E2461F248.jpeg

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    Of I were to choose, i’d go with either the first or the thrid one. I prefer them more because of the mice. Now if I were to choose between the 2, I would really like to go with the first one because it’s more professional looking.

  • @adrian-k I think the first one is the best because the cheeky mouse is interacting with your title. If your details are on the back have you tried one version with just an image, without any text on the front? After all a business card is like a mini postcard.

  • I like the first one, the second one is also nice but the image may not read well in a small version. One the third one the words at the bottom look like they will land outside the safety zone, not sure if you have downloaded your printers template yet.


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    I like the first one. It’s cute and readable. 👍

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    As an experienced graphic designer (of 15 years) I can say hands down the first option. The first design communicates clearly and effectively, and it is also the most aesthetically pleasing. Great design!

  • Thanks all, I was leaning towards the first, but then second guessed myself.

  • Since everyone picked the first one I must be an art director cause that's what I like. Lol

    But the Graphic designer in me asks about the Red A and K. Is it significant? It's slightly distracting when I read the name. But overall this is an awesome card. Any cardstock in mind?

  • @jthomas, there is a two part significance, first I’m associating “ART” with my name, drawing a parallel between the product and me. Second, I’ve seen too many examples out there where because everything is in caps, it’s hard to distinguish where one word/name ends and the next begins. As for card stock, I’ll be going for one with a soft (velvet like) feel.

  • The first design looks great to me too. In case it's of any assistance to you, I thought I'd mention that when I first saw the little mouse (on a small screen), I thought the inner ear was the eye, the tip of that ear the nose, and the shoulder blade and elbow the ears... but then there were additional features (the real face) that my mind was confused by for a few seconds until I zoomed in and realized the correct orientation of the little fellow's head. Since these will be printed small, I thought I'd share my experience for what it's worth. Thank you for sharing these choices and your decision making process with us. 🙂

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