What kinds of Problems do Professional Artists have?

  • I've been reading up on a lot of subjects to broaden my perspective on how I create art and where should my work live in regards to who it serves and I came across a thought.

    What kinds of problems do professional illustrators/painters/art teachers have? This comes from a place of; in life, we choose the paths we want to be based on what we are interested in. And that interest comes with a set and sometimes fluid states of problems to solve. And solving problems is what we like to do.

    I don't know it this makes any sense. But I thought I'd ask.

  • The problems faced get specific with the discipline, don't you think? For example, an illustrator would have different specific problems to solve from say, an oil a painter- or from a digital painter or from an art teacher, for starters..

    But what you may encounter begins with what makes your own heart as an artist sing, which will firstly help you figure out where you and your art should live ...

    Plus the 3-Point Perspective Podcast really, really helps broaden the understanding of what professionals encounter both on the ordinary and the problematic sides. If you haven't already started listening, please do! It's really excellent.

  • Pro SVS OG

    A long list....Where should I go with my career/business? Where do I find time to do work AND promote it? Is my agent the right one? How do I know she´s doing her best for me? How do I keep up with the competition? How should I evolve my art style? How can I find time for personal projects? Am I going to make the next deadline and NOT hate the work? How much budget should I allocate for marketing?

    All interesting problems, for sure!

  • Also i suppose if you have kids, how do you balance work and family. What happens if you are a woman and get pregnant and still want to be a freelance illustrator. I.ve been recently thinking that. What if you are just breaking into illustration and become pregnant. What state support do you get paid for maternity leave. Is there such a thing? What if you have no parents to help or what if you are a single parent or have ailing parents etc. What if you have another job and you do your art at night? Etc

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