Colouring greyscale help needed!

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    Hi all, just looking for a bit of advice on how to colour greyscale images. Its a night scene, so im thinking blues, creamy moonlight, plus warm light from torch of the characters. I know i still need to do a fair bit of rendering/texturing, but this has took ages already, doing about an hour a night, and i dont want to go any further and then have to basically repaint the whole thing again in colour. On reflection im not sure painting in greyscale is a good idea, i just dont know enough about colour yet to dive right in. If you have advice/critiques on any other aspects please be brutal, im not precious and i need help! Much obliged!

  • @gavpartridge
    Oh man! So spooky! I have no advice on your actual question, because it's also something I want to learn - so I'll be watching this forum closely. I do know that there are a lot of good YouTube videos on this subject though - something to browse for.
    There is a pretty serious tangent where the left gargoyle meets the building - but that should be an easy fix, just make sure he over laps the building in the final.

  • @gavpartridge At the moment I work in greyscale before colouring.

    I'd watch the 10 step digital painting class. Will describes his process of going from greyscale to colour in detail.

    My biggest hurdle with greyscale was overcoming the fear of flattening everything down and working on one layer only. A colour layer of a grey layer is a stepping stone, not a finish line (or at least in my experience).

    Will you be using multiply layers, or colour layers?

    Critique-wise my problem is with the gargoyles. Left gargoyle forms a pretty serious tangent with the house. You can either bump it a smidge to the left to widen the gap, or a smidge to the right so it definitely overlaps the house. Gargoyle on the right is alllllllmost the same value as the tree behind it (that's the nice thing about greyscale; value similarities are easier to spot).

    Great piece so far! Lookin' forward to seeing how it turns out 🙂

  • Two very good people to learn about this from are Scott Robertson and Artgem. The most important thing really is to know what colors you want to use beforehand and how the values relate otherwise your piece can end up looking washed out. Over all this is super nice work. One tiny point is the Gargoyle on the left is really close to the house, I would make it overlap a bit.