Hey Jake

  • Someone who has done all the classes may already know the answer to this question :). Was wondering if there were any videos in SVS where Jake takes us through a painting the way he does it. You know... Something like the 10 steps to digital painting. I was looking for Jake's style when it comes to how he painted in the book "The Girl Who Wouldn't Brush Her Hair". Was interested to know things like, technique, how long it takes him to render out a painting such as that etc. Thanks 🙂

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    Hey Kris!

    I don't go into that style in any of my videos. But perhaps I should! It's something I've worked hard figuring out and I'm not sure I've perfected it yet, but that doesn't mean I can't share what I know already.


  • Cool. Thanks for letting me know. That's definitely something I would like watch. Thanks again.

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    Ditto, I love that book too, Jake and would love to see and hear more about your process for it. Or that style in general.

  • Please do Jake. Would love to see how you do.

  • I think what's more important is how jake approaches his projects rather than what techniques he uses.

  • @Jake-Parker is bringing out an inking course soon, so that should shed some light on that side of things. Jake, do you know when that course is coming out? I'm hoping to watch it before Inktober


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