WIP: The Christmas Misfit

  • Hi everyone! This is my very first post. I actually joined SVS a couple years ago and I am just now getting around to posting to the forum. I will do my introduction soon.

    In the meantime...

    I would like some help with a piece I am currently working on. It's a Christmas piece call, "The Christmas Misfit". I have just finished a refined sketch and I'm about to make a final color rendering. Please tell me what you all think and what changes I make before going to a final color rendering.

    Refined Drawing. I added some toys from the initial sketch.


    Initial sketch

  • @jodyeklund I think the composition is really working! The only thing I can comment on right now is the giraffe. Consider tilting the giraffe's neck to the right some. It's almost perfectly upright and a diagonal would be more interesting, break that feeling empty space between it and Santa, and lead us in to the focal point a little and add to the stuffed animal-ness of it.

  • @teju-abiola I don't think that is Santa, it is the misfit

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    I had to look at it twice to notice that it wasn't santa. You might want to do something to show he is an elf. Maybe add a hat or make the ear bigger. Maybe different shoes to match the other elves shoes?

    I also think once you color it, it will become clear he is the misfit as long as he is not wearing red and white.

  • Finished the rendering of the Christmas Misfit.


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