25 Items Sketch Feedback

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    Hi Everyone, I am new to SVS and currently making my way through the “Creative Composition” course. I would love some feedback on my ‘25 items’ sketch before moving on to the refined sketch. Any and all feedback is welcome! I am planning on working through this one slowly and learn as much as possible in the process. Thanks.


  • If I remember the creative composition course, one of the things to watch for and avoid is lines exiting through the corners. I'd move that stick in the lower right corner up, down, left or right ever so slightly.

    Other than that seems good compositionally so far 🙂

    I'm sure that as you refine things some tangents'll pop up that you'll have to fix, though (damn tangents always show up...)

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    @art-of-b Yes, the tangents! Thank you, I forgot to look for those. I will probably have to correct several of them.

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    Looking great1! I’m really curious how you’ll handle this challenge in a forest.

  • This is really great, love the composition and your little lizard character is so cute!
    The only thing I can think of is looking at the perspective on your cat and lizard characters, the trees are in perspective but the characters aren't, so it shouldn't be a huge change but I think it would make a difference 🙂
    Also maybe exaggerate the lizard's pose a bit more? really make it look like he's hiding with his arms outstretched against the tree or something 🙂

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    @hannahmccaffery Thanks, thats great advice!

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