Inktober note cards and reflection of the challenge

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    I had this adorable idea to send a package of all my inktober cards to the SVS office and to Lee in Nashville. I still may do it. It involves stickers and rating different aspects of the final project. (Anyone feel free to comment and critique.) Who doesn't like stickers? So be on the lookout for it eventually.

    I posted all my sets on Facebook and instagram and told my friends they are available for purchase. I figured my mom and sister-in-law would grab a set. Lots of people "like" my work, but purchasing is an entirely different story. Don't forget, these are also notecards. Not everyone uses them. To my surprise, I have 14 orders of various sets including all of inktober. Merry Christmas to me! Although, I'm printing these at home. I got a quote from a printer and it was super out of my range. I didn't really want to send them all to kinkos either. So here we go! @Jake-Parker @Will-Terry @Lee-White , your care package will come at some point after I fill these orders.

    I took a break from social media during inktober for 10 days (day 7-17). It was very liberating. I didn't rush to finish my work, I let the day prompt inspire me for whichever day I wanted to do. I took my time on the pieces and completed the images for the final product not the thrill of the post. I don't think everyone needs to take a break during this challenge, but at some point for an extended time. It really helps to connect with real people vs the fake universe.

    The break was a little saddening in one way. I missed the community of drawing all together on one prompt. It's like we were all connected I'm like, "where are the little people with the gray background @Chip-Valecek !" Along with so many others. I really enjoyed watching everyone's themes evolve.

    I can't believe I have a project that worked out! I'm happy with my images and feel like they are a cohesive set. Some I like as a stand alone notecard set. Even semi professional... I will probably take some of these to some shops around town. However, it may be next Christmas. What if they want a big order. YIKES! And I may have missed the boat on Christmas. That's okay. I need slowvember to complete my christmas presents. Thanks for prodding us along @Jake-Parker , you started something good here!

    7_1542298224815_IMG_7456.jpg 6_1542298224815_IMG_7455.jpg 5_1542298224815_IMG_7452.jpg 4_1542298224815_IMG_7451.jpg 3_1542298224815_IMG_7450.jpg 2_1542298224815_IMG_7449.jpg 1_1542298224814_IMG_7446.jpg 0_1542298224812_56391535152__AE6F01C3-BA49-4ECA-9156-ED2225E52643.JPG

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    @whitney-simms I worked for the thrill of the post and the fake universe LOL. I will tell you I was burnt out after the 31st. I took about a week to recover (really just a day off of drawing). I think your collection looks amazing. I so can see these on the shelf of stores.

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    @chip-valecek it’s okay. I totally paint for the thrill of the post. It was eye opening when I shut it off. But that Instagram following I’ve been working on... not even a comment on the finished product. Totally fine. My actual friends on Facebook, 14 orders! Go where your people live. I still love instagram. It’s pretty. But they don’t love me like my friends who actually know me.

    I do want to try and get them in local stores. And now I have 31 samples.

    And yes, we are all a little fried from inktober! Your collection was really strong!

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    @whitney-simms I hear ya, I started instagram about 2 years ago and struggle to get love over there. I gain about 1 or 2 followers with each post. However 50% of the time it is a spam account and soon they are removed. Facebook has been kind but thats because most on there are friends or people I have come across in my life.

  • @chip-valecek @Whitney-Simms Yeah, same. I am pretty new to IG and don't have a ton of followers yet. I definitely get support and comments and likes, but not a peep as far as anyone interested in buying work. Other artists tell me they get most of their sales from it!! Maybe if you've been doing it a long time and have built a big following, that would be the case. I have been horrible about Facebook because I hate it but maybe I need to get more serious about that.

  • My sales have so far all been in person or through local shops...

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    @eli where do your people “live?” If Facebook isn’t the place they hangout then I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s were my people go to be social. And post gifs cause we think we are so funny. I bet local places love your work! I could totally see it in all the “local” restaurants and stores. In charlotte that area is called NoDa. It’s pretty cool.

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    If we are talking about selling things then I got nothing. I am just speaking of the love/support comes from facebook for me. Then again my art is not very sell-able. I just created a society6 shop to see if that will drive any sales on my horror paintings but nothing yet. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    @chip-valecek your art is marketable! My son would totally love all those inktobers. And your horror paintings are really great fan art. How to market and reach your audience is the magic question. I’m pretty sure that’s why we are all here at svs. A big part of it. Hopefully something will click in time. I had about 247 failed attempts at selling art. Seriously, this may be the first real success I’ve had. It’s small, but it’s something to me! There have been a few random word of mouth jobs over the years. I think the big road block for me is not giving up, still finding joy in my work when there isn’t money to measure how well I’m doing.

  • @chip-valecek I agree with @Whitney-Simms --I'd be patient because those horror fanart paintings really do seem like they would have a market for sure!

  • @Whitney-Simms Wow, this is a brilliant idea. It's so neat to see all your Inktober work in one image -- I love the colors you've used. I'm sure the SVS staff will love the gift!

    @Chip-Valecek I think your horror art would do better on RedBubble or TeePublic. Both those sites (especially TeePublic) push your work whether you do or not, and they both have a larger base for fan art (TeePublic even more so than RedBubble). I've made sales on both with little advertising (I mostly post my merch to my Facebook wall and a few niche Facebook groups).

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