Looking for potential portfolio piece feedback...

  • ... on the whole thing really! Feel free to pull apart and what not - just want to explore all directions and grow! This was just an initial concept/sketch that I played with in photoshop, so looking to essentially rework the whole thing, but would love to hear other's thoughts before I plough off in one direction or another! Thanks! ReadingNookWithStars1.jpg

  • Nice concept. I wish I would be at his place. 🙂
    I would recommend to put some details around the tend. Maybe some bushes or trees in the background and some grass in the forground. This would put the boy into a more realistic situation.
    Also the lighting might need some work. It would look very cosy, if the lantern would be the only light source. Right now it is not pretty clear if you meant it like this.
    I am looking forward where you will go with this piece. Have fun with this! 🙂

  • SVS OG

    Hi @carlenevick welcome to the forums!

    My initial thoughts when looking at this are:

    • This image is currently too symmetrical. I think the composition could become much more interesting if the tee pee was not placed directly in the center of the illustration.

    • Next i might consider adding in some perspective or moving the placement of the "camera" the viewer is seeing this through. As right now this is straight on, and I think a slightly different view point would benefit the piece overall.

    Looking forward to seeing where you take this!

  • I agree with Jana's and Rich's critiques. Good start though!!

  • Okay I knew this was a good idea - already loving all this feedback, especially everything to do with composition and surrounding details... and yeah, the lighting is a work in progress, I definitely got a little over zealous. I need to learn a lot more about that technique obviously!

  • SVS OG

    I agree with the previous comments... it would be nice to have some more stars in the sky, and perhaps work on them a little more so you have a pinprick of light plus a tiny glow... and maybe work on creating a greater sense of contrast between the cool starlight coming down on the tent and the warm lanternlight shining upwards.... it's a lovely concept for a piece 🙂

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