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    Trying to grow my style from the past inktober/misunderstood monster prompt, I am going to do this months the same. I figured I would share my process as I go along. My process has grown over time by learning new techniques, testing them and if I like them stick with it.

    I always start with a gray toned canvas. This helps when it comes to local color.

    Step 1: Come up with an idea and start to scribble a bunch of different thumbnails till I find one I like. Here is the one that I liked the most.


    Step 2: Start to clean up the scribbles still keeping it loose.


    Step 3: Clean up the loose sketch and add details. In the past this would be my last step before moving into local color.


    Steps 1 - 3 all used a sketch brush from Aaron Blaise. You can get it for free when you sign up for his newsletter. I think he still gives it out. I really love the texture and how it feels to sketch with.

    Step 4: Ink the piece using my new favorite ink brush from Kyle Webster called Old Brush Ink from his inkbox set.


    Step 5: Start to add layers under the ink layer to lay down my local color. I use a brush called DG_Main. Its from Dave Greco. It has a really nice chalk feel to it and I like how it blends colors. I use this brush for pretty much all the painting.


    I still need to finish getting the local color in, then I drop a hue/saturation layer on top and drop the saturation to 0. This turns the piece to gray-scale and I can check my values to make sure everything reads correctly. If all good I start figure out where my light source is and start to add my shadows and highlights. I will share those steps when I get to them. Let me know if this is helpful at all.

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    Hey I like your character, I'm not sure if you want any thoughts I did a quick paintover that might help flatten the road a bit and give your picture depth. Just a thought. anyway great to see your process 🙂

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    @jason-bowen thanks for the paint over. I like the suggestion on it. I will make those tweaks.

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    I feel like that sometimes. I don’t do left turns. Get off my back people. I will go when I’m ready! Looks great/ I like the concept. Can’t wait to see her in color!

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    @chip-valecek cool looking forward to seeing it 👍

  • This is looking really great, Chip! Cool take on the prompt--I like your feisty character! I do wish everyone would just chill out, slow down and have a little patience

  • @whitney-simms I thought I was the only one who doesn’t do left turns. 😂 Me, you and UPS.

  • Looking great. Thanks for sharing your process. Love the character and the one in the side mirror is a nice touch.

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    Little background on this one, my oldest son gets his licences next week and that is him in the side mirror. Teen drivers are the worst LOL.

    Continue of step 5 of the local color and tweaked suggestion from @Jason-Bowen:


    Step 6 - color the ink darker then the rest of the local color:


    Step 7 - add texture paper on top and set it to multiple.


    Onto the shadows and highlights, one of my favorite steps.

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    Here is the final with the lights and shadows added. I will sit on this till after Thanksgiving to see if i need to make any last minute tweaks before I submit it. Any crits are welcome.


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    Since there are more days left, I decided to paint this again in my original style. I will post that one as well and see what everyone prefers. I am undecided on which style to go with. Stay tuned...

  • So funny! My only suggestion would be maybe you could add a layer of mist or haze (or smoke if she’s in California 😑) between her and the tree/grass layer behind and that would reduce the values slightly on the background and allow your foreground objects to pop more. This is great though – I love the humor in your work!

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    Here is my repainted piece and the one I submitted for the contest.


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