Panda WIP Slowvember

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    I don’t know if I will take all of November to do this but it’s a busy month so it might take that long anyway. I decided to redo the line and wash I did of pandas for #doubles in full water color. Here is my original, the rough revision in Procreate, and the start of the watercolor.



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    @demotlj I love you pandas in the original piece. With the new background with the trees and all, I think this will be a great one. I really like your watercolor skills. I can’t wait to see the finished version.

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    I’m still working on this and need to do more modeling on the pandas but thought before I got much further I’d ask for critiques. Given that it’s watercolor, I can’t do fundamental changes but feel free to make suggestions on things I can change — darker values, more detail etc. I’m trying to decide, for example, how much definition to give the background forest.


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    Almost done I think. I guess I didn’t work slowly enough for Slowvember.


  • @demotlj this looks fantastic! Nice work!

  • Very nice 🙂

    If you were working digitally, I'd say you could keep slowly adding details as much as you wanted, but tough to do with watercolour.

    I suppose if you want to slow down and add deets you could always scan/take a picture and then work from here in Procreate.

  • @demotlj Nice work! I don't have any specific critiques, but one idea would be to try doing the same painting again, and see what you might do differently, since it's watercolor and you can't change anything on THIS painting, you could do a second version and compare the two. Anyway, nice work, and I just thought I'd share that idea for a take on "Slowvember".

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