Critique - does the helmet shadow read?

  • Duct tape fixes everything, right?

    I'm just finishing off some old sketches to try and round out the portfolio, and I'm curious if the shadow from the helmet reads as transparent or not.

    Also, you know, if there's anything else that screams "FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, CHANGE ME I LOOK BAD!" then let me know, too 🙂


    alt text

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    Love the image, the concept and the idea. Does the helmet read transparent? No - it doesn't because you don't see the background through it. It reflects much more light than it lets pass through - which basically makes it look opaque.

    I did a super-quick paint-over...sorry for torturing your image! I basically let the BG show through the helmet, painted some strategically positioned highlights (glass objects have highlights in strange positions due to refraction - I knew the theory once upon a time, but now I just use reference and wing it) and added in some reflections from the boy not the helmet...maybe you don't want that, it may get too realistic.
    The caustics are a bit too strong and large - especially on his arm. Normally transparent objects barely cast shadows and the caustic is very small.
    Hope this helps!


  • @smceccarelli

    Oh wow! That's much closer to what I was going for.

    Thanks so much for the paint-over. Part of what really improves it is the reflection of the character on the glass. I think I'll do a bit more painting and fiddle about with it some more.

    Also, I learned a new word! I had no idea that 'caustic' had a meaning in relation to optics. Super cool.

    I think I need a sign hanging over my desk that says 'find reference. You don't actually know what it looks like.' 🙂

  • @Art-of-B @smceccarelli Looks good! Just wanted to say it was really cool to see the before and after, because I would have said that the original looks pretty good to me, but then with the paintover it does look more real for sure! One learns so much in these forums even on other people's work.

    I'm with you in needing that 'Find Reference' sign!

  • @smceccarelli The only thing I think, that falls away a bit when making the helmet so transparent, is the actual crack.

  • @robgale oh yeah, this forum in particular is a great place for feedback 🙂

  • @sas I think in this case it's because keeping the crack obvious was of less concern than showing me how to better make the helmet transparent. 🙂

    I think you're right, though, if I redo this with a more transparent helmet I'd have to make sure to keep that crack nice and visible.

  • @art-of-b Ahh then my excuses for my buttiness :p

  • @sas Oh my goodness, there's no 'buttiness' whatsoever! Sorry if I made it seem that way 🙂

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