Worst Fear Revisisted Sketch

  • With it been Halloween I wanted to make something a little scarier than my last piece so I revisited one of my old thumbnails from the first contest I took part in, "Worst Fear". For the contest I chose no.5 but recently removed it from my portfolio as I felt it didn't fit in with my other work, I also wanted to expand my sketches in my portfolio, so I hope this fits in a little better. I call it "A Short Trip to the Bathroom".


    0_1541050726353_A short trip to the bathroomb ssmall.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Love it! I know you said once before that you'd don't like your line work but I think it's great (which maybe says something about my line work:). I think it's scary, but not too scary. Different kids, though, have different scare thresholds. Will you be doing a series of scary scenes?

  • SVS OG

    Great style!

  • Oh man, have I felt this feeling! I am such a scaredy cat and this images resonates with me! I think your style is wonderful and the crosshatching is spot on. Great work!

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