10 Skills Every Illustrator Must Have

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    @will-terry you are wrong about me being wrong!

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    @sarahluann I congratulate you on your success as a teacher! I'm so glad that is working out for you. In defense of my "5 year rule", I should note that when we are speaking on the podcast, we are speaking very generally to a massively broad audience. So there are generalizations that must be accounted for and there are always exceptions to the rule. The "5 year" idea was picked at random and there isn't much thought behind that time frame other than "know what you are doing before trying to teach it." Especially in the context of a degree based program that is expensive and is geared for making professionals out of the students.

    A continuing education program is a perfect teaching opportunity and doens't come with the same requirements I would have for an intensive undergraduate program. So like everything, there is some gray area that needs to be added to all the things we say on the podcast. We are just offering some rough guidelines. Everyone has to think about how those guidelines apply to them. There are no rules and I certainly don't want to be seen as a gatekeeper. Although I will accept the obnoxious part. : )

    There is one rule that is a hard rule: Will Terry is wrong about all things

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    @burvantill I wouldn't worry about those lists too much. It's hard to understand and comprehend what gets a book on a list like that. It could just be one person's opinion who judged it. No big deal. I'd just shrug it off and keep making the work that you think is good. BUT, I would also offer another piece of advice. Look over some of the art that made it to the list and see if there is some quality that the judges are picking up on. You may not like all of it, but maybe there is still some good info to be had from looking at a group of winning entries.

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    @lee-white I see what you are saying, but even with “broad generalizations” I think you are still defining teaching too narrowly. The suggestion was to teach, not to teach at undergraduate level. 😉 Stipulate that you should know what you are teaching, definitely. But I think it can be incredibly helpful to, for example, try to teach something you just barely learned to someone else, to help it solidify in your mind and put it in your own terms. It won’t be the most deep, thorough, educated etc. coverage of the topic, but that isn’t always what is needed.

    And let me just say that it’s so weird to me to be arguing this because when differences of opinion have arisen on the podcast, it’s usually Lee I find myself agreeing with. 😂

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    @sarah-luann agreeing with me is your first mistake! I don't know what I'm talking about most of the time. Only thing I truly know is when I say WILL TERRY IS WRONG ABOUT ALL THINGS

  • @lee-white I love it when Lee has to splain himself...I would ask that you guys continue to keep him on his heels 🙂

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    Thankyou. I hear and obey😜.
    I WILL figure it out. 👍😃

  • @smceccarelli Maybe teaching in a more formal classroom setting isn't a goal for you, but I believe the help and comments you give around the forums here on a day to day basis are most definitely a form of teaching. You help a lot of us on a regular basis, and I would venture to guess that you enjoy it and learn from it considering how regularly you do it. This is what I mean by having a broader definition of teaching.

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    I enjoyed this one, got a bit controversial at the end lol 😂 maybe you should have cut that bit.

  • Great episode guys! Thanks for keeping the inspiration and information coming 🙂

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