Fifty hands

  • Watching one of the SVS Courses there was a small segment from Jake on drawing hands. He gave some of the basics on how to draw them, some tips and then suggested the viewer go out and draw 50 hands. I started this fairly late last night and got 10 done. Then I have continued to practice some more this morning.

    So far I am up to 30 small hand sketches in my sketchbook. And I will be sure to work on at least 20 more as I can feel myself having success in some hand poses and some challenges in other poses. So I am enjoying the process.

    Right now my hands are more male (because I am obviously looking at my own hand) but after I am done with these 50 I plan to do 50 female hands next as they present some new challenges things to consider.

    2015-10-23 10.01.37.jpg

  • Those look good!

  • nice studies and I need these!

  • awesome!! a whole bunch of thumbs up 🙂

  • Number 6 and number 30 look rad! Keep up the great work. The best way to get better at something is to just go and do it 🙂


  • Thanks everyone! I was not sure at first if I was going to post about this topic - but now I am glad I did!

    And @Ace-Connell yes number 6 is my favorite so far. And I found it interesting after doing so well on 6 that I sort of tanked on the attempts of the closed fist on 7-10 right after. That is what makes this a fun challenge and keeps it interesting - and lets me know what things I need to continue to work on more!

  • @Rich-Green Yeah, I always find that as well where you'll do something great then have a bit of a lapse, but if you do enough, the end result is always better than the beginning. I think what the repetition and making mistakes does is take the luck out of the drawing. Sure before you did the 50, you might get lucky every 5 or 6 hands and get a good drawing, but by the end of the 50, it'll be more like one in every 3 and so on until you're consistently getting better hands 🙂


  • Took another little break and worked on 10 more hands.

    2015-10-23 17.50.08.jpg

  • Getting better 🙂 Those finger pointing at the camera poses are a killer... I hate doing those haha.


  • And this evening I went ahead and did the final set and now I have all 50 completed. I also made the last few a little bit more fun!

    2015-10-23 22.00.29.jpg
    2015-10-23 22.37.18.jpg

  • Nice work, #50 is my favorite! 😜

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears thank you! That is my favorite is as well!!!

  • Great work rich.I defiantly need to do this. well done

  • @Lee-Holland Thanks so much Lee! I really enjoyed this challenge and now looking back at some of my drawings I did a year or two ago that included hands and then these 50 and the sketching i have done since doing them - wow what a vast improvement I am noticing in myself already! Please share your hands if you decide to work on them.