Monster WIP—please help?

  • I am working on a 2 page illustration. My concept (having grown up in Florida) was that alligators are not the monsters that they are made out to be. That is except when they are behaving poorly. So the alligatxor is doing benign things on one side and stealing ice cream on the other.

    My questions are: Does the concept read as I intended? Are my colors and values out of wack? I feel like I have been looking at it for so long that I am unable to see anything anymore.

    I have been loving seeing all the monsters coming through. Don’t you just love the fall?!! 0_1540584429871_2page_Alligator_.jpg

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    @jennyjones This is really charming. The only thing I see -- and I'm not sure how you'd change it -- is that at first I thought the alligator was just refusing to share. I didn't immediately think he/she was stealing the cone. I love the whimsy of the whole spread, though.

  • ooo I thought the same thing as @demotlj . Maybe you could change up the composition of the first page so that on the top half it has 3 of your current examples and on the bottom half it shows the alligator blowing bubbles in front of the truck while the girl is eating that ice cream cone?

  • @studiolooong I see what you’re saying. That’s a good idea. Not sure I have time for it. But I like it.

  • @demotlj yes I can see the not sharing idea. But I guess that’s very nice either😏

  • I can understand why others are thinking that the alligator is refusing to share. I don't think you would have to redo it, but how about adding some ice cream marks on the girls face and maybe a trail of ice cream droplets to show it has moved from one area to another?

    Are the alligators on the left suppose to be different ones or the same one? If they are different I would try and vary their designs a bit or add a hat/bow or something to show they aren't all the same character

  • @gary-wilkinson I thought about adding ice cream to the girl too. I think that would help. My idea was that the gator was the same gator in each pose. I wanted to show that I could sustained a character for a few illustrations. I think I will set to work on the girl. Thanks for you input!

  • @jennyjones I thought it might have been the same gator, but it felt that there were some slight variations in it's height, body size and snout which made me second guess

  • I worked up a few changes. I added the ice cream drips to the ground and to the little girl’s face. Also changed a couple of irksome things about the truck tires. I think it tells the stolen ice cream story better now. Thanks for the help. 0_1540609255396_2page_Alligator_.jpg

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