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  • Hi. I have been working in this children’s book and I really need points of view about the composition. Please send me suggestions and feedback. 0_1540562832913_6F75DEEE-62AA-4399-9D0C-1DB9DBC3EF3A.jpeg

  • I feel like there is a void in the middle of the composition that my eye keep getting sucked into, you may benefit from tweaking the composition to follow the rule of thirds. If you bring the boy up and over a little and bring the house more into frame it will make the image a bit more dynamic.


    Another thing to consider is the way you've shaded the windows. I think the way the lighter window sills are shaded is great but the shading on the right side of the glass panes is making it look like the window is popping off the house. The glass of the window would be inset into the wall so the shadow would actually fall on the left inside of the blue area, something like this:


    Hope this helps!

  • @studiolooong totally help!!! I will make your suggestions. Thanks!

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    Welcome! The shadows on the house are indicating that the light is behind the boy, yet his shadow is directly below him. Figure out where your light source would be and try to keep it consistent for every object. The boy seems a little flat as well. Perhaps add some shading to his body as well. Looking forward to seeing this progress. 👍

  • @burvantill thanks! Good point!

  • I’m thankful for all suggestions. I did all changes. What about now?

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