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    So this is what I started a couple months ago when we had the Music contest but I never finished. I am showing my process. The final picture still needs some work, especially the little knight who is fighting the dragon. The point of this illustration is just showing the imagination of the pianist while he is playing. I tell my Piano students to come up with a story to go with their songs so they will hopefully play them with more expression. So my keywords, which I should have thought about before now, would be imagination or music can take us anywhere.

    2_1539265080324_B4086912-E08F-4605-B8FD-C52A8676CF7A.jpeg 1_1539265080324_0488EF1A-4237-4A32-97B6-2D4084E5DC93.jpeg . Those feelings of doubt are creeping in so any feedback would be great. If there is anything that needs changing let me know.

  • Wow, the feeling from this piece is so great. To me, it's mysterious and emotional and intriguing. It makes me want to look closer at it right away. It seems that you may want to add a shadow on the floor under the pianist's legs. Hoping to see more of your art down the road!

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    It's really awesome and such an emotional piece!
    The only thing I'd say is the pianist doesn't stand out a lot from the background! Especially compared to other high contrast areas in your piece like the boat sails. I think you can make him a bit paler, maybe his hair darker, define his features a bit more, maybe add a bit of white fog behind him to make him stand out more?

  • I was thinking about this very interesting little elements like dragon and knight and its a shame they are so small. Meybe using them to enchance the motion would be nice? I did some to show you what i may have in mind.0_1539289844032_feedback.jpg

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