Hand Drawings Critique Part 6

  • I'm setting out to draw 100 hands, and asking feedback on every ten hands I draw. Below, are hands 51-60.

    Watched some videos on hands at the suggestion of last time's comments, mainly Proko. Copied some of the hand constructions in the video. Focused less on shading and more on principle building blocks of the hand. I think the bases of the fingers need to be thicker perhaps?

    Any critique and advice are highly appreciated! Thank you!

    0_1539222173303_Hands 51 and 52.JPG
    0_1539222181348_Hands 53 and 54.JPG
    0_1539222189289_Hands 55 and 56.JPG
    0_1539222198193_Hands 57 and 58.JPG
    0_1539222205352_Hands 59 and 60.JPG

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    Perhaps you can work on more on the thumbs.

  • Hi,
    I like 53. It seems to have more motion and less stiff than the others. Are you looking for correct proportions or gestures for hands. It looks like you are going for anatomy correctness which can get quite stiff. You might try some gestural sketches to see what happens.

  • Pro

    It seems that starting 56, your start to draw the palm as a blocky square. The real palm more of a trapeze than a perfect square, and while it's flat on the back, on the front it's a bit hollow in the middle 🙂 You also seem to draw the fingers a bit short, which shows especially in 56. You also tend to draw the thumb as the same width as the other finger, but it's a bit wider (much like how you did it in 55!) I think it's really good that you are doing more simple hand poses as it's easier to pinpoint the problem areas now!

  • Love seeing the continued focus on construction. I must admit I was a little taken aback in your last post when you said you weren't using reference. While I think it's good to stretch your memory and imagination skills, I'd encourage you to use reference in at least some part of your study plan, even if you are constructing or simplifying. You will learn a ton if you look at reference of a real hand, identify the simple structures that make it up, and then translate that simple structure onto paper.

  • @nyrrylcadiz yea, I see what you mean. I’ll be sure to pay attention and work more on thumbs!

  • @bradyblack well number 53 I copied from proko, soooooo that’s the explanation. I’ll work on making the hands more lively and gestural. Thanks for the advice!

  • @nessillustration looking back, the fingers are terribly short, and I’m a bit embarrrased I didn’t realize thumbs are wider than fingers. :face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat: Thanks for all the great pointers, I’ll be sure to work on them all!

  • @tessaw I figured that my ultimate goal was to draw hands without reference so I guess I rushed into that too soon. But I realize now I should probably start getting the hands drawn correctly before doing that. I’ll be sure to use reference now!

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