Fall contest - WIP (feedback requested)

  • @johanna-kim I like color A!

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    @gary-wilkinson Thanks so much for your notes and drawover regarding composition. I always learn so much from your feedback and totally see what you mean. The reason I kept the upper half empty was because I was pretending that this would be a cover for a magazine like Cricket or Spider. However, I love the fix that you've presented and will definitely re-work it. Again, I feel a bit like I'm cheating by using your composition solution, but hopefully, I'll be able to improve my composition for the next one.

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    @johanna-kim Thanks @lenwen @Chip-Valecek @kaitlinmakes for your color votes and sticking with me through this process. This last minute submission is going to be a rush job, but I figured that I can sleep in October. (Oh wait, I'm doing Inktober! Ack.)

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    @johanna-kim Here's the latest composition fix (quite rough, but I can read it:). Running out of time, so jumping into the final drawing stage.

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    @johanna-kim Drawing on watercolor paper. Done. Feedback is welcome and appreciated at any stage of this process.

    I drew a ton of leaves, and then realized that they messed with my values too much and I'd have to end up re-drawing them again, which would be painful. I know there's a way to suggest a lot of leaves, but I actually enjoy drawing each one. That said, my goal is to achieve something in the middle, and let the paint suggest most of the leaves. This is the point, the painting stage, where I make every possible excuse not to start. Like that fact that I haven't eaten lunch yet... <stomach grumbles>

    0_1537991932079_Fall_drawing on watercolor.jpg

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    @johanna-kim Here's the painting (watercolor/digital). I'm going to step away for a few hours and see if there are any glaring issues. As always, any feedback from fresh eyes are welcome.


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    @johanna-kim That is so beautiful! I love the softness in you watercolors, really well done!
    I don't know how much you can change at this point, but the only things I can see are

    • I may have gone darker on the cat, really separate him from the background
    • I may have put one of the leaves closer to the boy who has his arms open to catch leaves

    But as you can see those are subjective things! It's already a great painting!

  • Oh wow! This turned out quite nice!

    I dunno if you're working digitally or traditionally, but putting some sun-dappled shade on the boy in the lower right might make hime feel more in-place. It looks like he's standing in the shade of the tree, but is lit from somewhere off camera at the moment.

  • SVS OG

    @art-of-b Thanks for your observation and suggestion. I had the same thought (how to anchor this boy in place better?) but hadn't thought of adding the sun-dappled shade on him. I think I was worried he'd be less visible but perhaps he's too visible right now. I'll make the change (I can edit digitally) and resubmit. This illustration has been quite a challenge for me.

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    @nessillustration Thanks so much for your nice comments and suggestions. I'll will revisit my piece and see if I can improve it before the deadline. Hope folks don't mind that I've been revising my piece after submitting it to the contest thread.

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