Hi all!

  • @nessillustration Hi and thank you so much for your welcome! The artwork I've seen coming by is indeed high-level! It's intriguing but also scary cause my work is nowhere near this level. On the other hand, I see it as watching and learning. Can't wait to see where this journey will take me.

  • @juliepeelart Thank you!

  • @lauraa Thank you! I will take your wisdom to heart. And thank you for tipping me about the thread! I will look into it. I think the biggest fear for me to overcome would be to accept my art for what it is and stop measuring it with others. I do that too much :p I live in the northern part of the Netherlands. Where are you from?

  • @tessaw Hi and thank you! What field of science are you working with? Amazing to hear how many of us working that field are also finding a creative path through drawing.

  • @chip-valecek Thanks! I shall take your wisdom to heart although my work doesn't even deserve to stand in the shadows of what some people here produce. It's so wonderful to be able to communicate with so many others like-minded people all over the world like this. I find it hard to find other people here in the Netherlands who are interested in the same field. I'm sure there are tons but we are a bit of introverts, I think.

  • Hallo Sas! Welcome to the forum to another scientist/artist. I was in medicinal chemistry for 11 years (and doing academic research before that - so nearly 18 years in science) and then...decided to skip it 😉 I was 39 when I started with art seriously and 44 when I started working full time in an art-related job. Now I work as art director on a 20 hours/week contract and the rest of the time I freelance in children’s illustration.
    So, the journey can start anytime and you can come from any path - don´t worry about your age, your legacy or your level of confidence! And learning and growing your skills, especially in art, is a recipe for eternal youth anyhow 😉

  • @smceccarelli Ohh wow! You just put a huge lightbulb in my hope-reservoir right now! I would love to draw and hopefully one day, be an illustrator and work with this til I'm too old to be holding an pencil. Thank you so much 😃 You don't know how much this meant to me! 😃

  • Oh, I'm not a scientist. I was just referring to others around here. . . Simona being one of them, and she has said hello already! 🙂

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    You’re never too old to start living your dreams. I just turned 49 and i am only just this year seriously working on becoming what I’ve wanted since I was a teen. Welcome!! 😃

  • @burvantill I feel so much respect for people who take their hobby and turning it into their job. Was it hard to quit your daytime job?

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