Ink drawings after Inking course

  • In preparation for Inktober and after finally getting to finish @Jake-Parker's course on inking, I decided to try out his recommendations for brush pens and penciling with orange. I wanted to do a comic book style sketch. Overall I am pleased. I like the expressiveness it gives. Your thoughts on the line work? 0_1536752484200_15367524750584041154146259783334.jpg

  • Here is another...I watercolored this one. The arm placement is weird. Any critiques on the line work?0_1536776194527_15367761769848463491256353089928.jpg

  • great job so far! I don't know how much time you want to put into inking, but great is doing lines exercise as a warmup for like 20 minutes a day. Practicing straight lines, curves, circles, forms, different line weights. I think you will see the progress pretty much quickly after doing that for some time. .. again good job and important - have fun

    I am pretty sure I didnt say anything new after you taking the inking course haha

  • Looks like a great start after taking that course!

    I always have a really hard time reconciling when to vary line width when taking into account light, weight, speed and all the rest of that jazz. I usually pick one and throw the rest out the window XD

  • @art-of-b I know, right? I am mostly concentrating on weight, then light. I am used to using technical pens. I could do those all day but I felt my work looked static and flat. I do like the expressiveness of the brush pen even as I have a whole lot less control. The only place I think I may stick with a technical pen is in faces, especially those that are small. I garble up the eyes a bit with the brush pen. Of course on my Instagram feed I posted the Mohawk and was feeling pretty good about it and then @Jake-Parker 's work appeared right under it. Nothing like a little humility in my day. Haha. I could do with some feathering and shadowing but baby steps. As I tell my kids in school, he's been doing this for years and I am just starting.

  • @chrisaakins great start indeed! I would only recommend you find the right speed to move your hand if you move too slow the line comes out shaky and if you move to fast you may miss your under-drawing. use somewhat thinner lines for objects that are farther from the viewer. That's all!

  • @heidigfx Thanks! Yeah, it is a matter of practice. I keep bearing down too hard. Thanks for the votes of confidence. I may keep posting my progress here.

  • Started Ink 2.0 with @Jake-Parker tonight. Got a long way to go. But here is something I'm pretty good at in pencil. Freehanded as I listened. I thought the eyes turned out nicely. Those cheeks though. Maybe she has the Mumps.

  • @chrisaakins 0_1536892158531_20180913_222809.jpg sorry pic was too big.

  • Hi, great artwork! I have a question about this course, Can it be practised digital with inking in Procreate for example, ir is it more for traditional artists? Thanks.

  • @Himangi Not sure, but I would guess, yes, if you have a pressure sensitive pen. And thanks for the encouragement.

  • Here is my latest practice piece. I asked my students what they wanted me to draw. They said a dragon. So here is my dragon. I picture him being old and blind and is warning a young hero that his actions are reckless and will endanger the world. 0_1536982268782_Screenshot_20180914-232906_Drive.jpg

  • So I started also doing the beginning painting with Photoshop. I am a brand new newbie with Photoshop. I am using a Surface book 2 with its pen. I don't know how to create an ink pen on photoshop. This was my first effort at drawing with Photoshop. I had an idea in high school to have a silly comic about superpowered dogs. Tonight I thought I would start to practice with a doodle about that strip tucked away in my brain for 30ish years. Here is HotDog. You can guess what his superpower is. 0_1538014110792_Hotdog.png

  • @chrisaakins SuperPowered Dogs. YES.

  • @Eli Chilly Dog, Corndog, and RockHound fight the evil BloodHound. Dunh dunh DuUUUHHHnnn! The puns are endless.

  • More inking practice. Metallic shiny objects. My hand is still a bit wavery (is that a thing?) with the brush pen.0_1538514768277_20181002_170858.jpg

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