Anyone planning to do Inktober this year?

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    Been contemplating trying it this year - not sure I am fast enough to do a new drawing everyday but maybe can try once a week. Anyone else doing it this year?

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    Yes! I even bought some new ink a couple weeks ago. Last year I learned about Pinktober half way through the month so I started including pink ink in my drawings so I could do both. I’m going to do that again.
    A little tip for busy people, if you have a big chunk of time on one day, do as many drawings as you can to help on those days when you have no time. So you can still post a drawing every day.

  • Yes, I am HOPING to do Inktober this year. It's gonna be a little nuts because I'm taking Digital Painting and also doing some art shows, but I have a project idea for Inktober that I really want to do...

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    Awesome. I am also taking an in person drawing class locally but I really need to be more disciplined with daily routine.
    Saw the prompt list is already out so have started sketching out some ideas for the first few to hopefully get ahead of it.
    Will be great to have some comrades in the trenches with me😬

  • I did it last year and I do think it was really good for me and for my art. I didn't do the prompt list--it was really free form and maybe not 100% successful but it taught me a lot, and the discipline is huge for me. If I do my project, I won't be following the prompts this year either. I may also do some sketches or thumbnails in advance.

  • Hey! I think I'm going to give it a go again this year! I tried last year but I found the everyday drawing really difficult to keep up with at the time, but I have a little more time this year. I've also managed to convince my boyfriend to join in, so I'm hoping us having a pack will mean I can complete it this year haha. I love seeing everyone's work on Instagram. Ive got a little box of inking equipment ready, and a sketchbook, so that no matter where I am I can bring the box with me.

  • I'm gonna be there. Last year was my first time really attempting it and it turned out to be an amazing ride.

  • I'm going to try it again. My first time was also last year. It was great for thinking through concepts.... quickly! I didn't know about Inktober or see the list until the first day. This year, I signed up and received the prompt list already so, maybe I'll plan ahead and not feel so rushed! 🙂

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    I’m in. I didn’t know about inktober until a few day into it last year. This year I’m going to do greeting cards to go with the theme. I usually do watercolor first. But only for inktober I’m going to do the ink first. So dive in! It should be fun.

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    I did it last year and learned a lot. One glaring issue - I was pretty slow at coming up with a good drawing idea AND inking it all in one day. It was a bit too stressful. This year I'm going to start NOW - do my brainstorming and thumbnails this month, then do the inking part in October. . They already released the official prompts if you want to use those.

  • I’m definitely doing it!

    One thing I’m gonna try this year is to use September to plan some. I’ll do some sketches or layouts, so that all I really have to do is sit down and ink once October comes around.

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    Yay, Inktober! Last year was the first time I completed all 31 drawings. I made a book out of it. I’m still figuring out my approach to this year’s prompts.

  • I'm planning to. The list seems really interesting. September is a really hectic month though, I can't prepare like I would have wanted. But yeah, definitely attempting it.

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    I’d really love to but I’m reviewing for our board exam. I have literally no time. Lol

  • I'd love to do it but will have to see if I have enough time. Otherwise I might just do it on a weekly basis or something like that. Last time I did a monthly challenge I ended up being way too ambitious and it was just too stressful

  • I will definitely doing it! It is my first so I am really pumped :).. I also ordered the inktober box from ArtSnacks to get the most out of it....

  • I am planning on it, though I also have a calendar project that might eat up my drawing time. We will see. The first Inktober I did (2 years back) inspired me to get back into drawing and illustration, (after a decade of neglect) so I highly recommended it to anyone!

  • @carriecopa Last year I did a Tarot cart deck and went as far as drawing them all out before hand so that all I needed to do was ink them each day. It worked great!

  • Definitely. I did it last year and it was a great experience. I was exhausted by the end of the month but it totally worth it.

  • Gonna give it a try, that's for sure 🙂

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