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  • Hey everyone! First time posting in the forum and really asking for feedback and critiquing. It’s a bit unnerving. I was going to post along my process, but the month got away from me. I would love your critiques and feedback now though so I know how I can improve.

    This is plain old watercolor and pen and ink. Not going digital quite yet. 😉 ![alt text](0_1535491990802_D762301F-99BD-4944-9A26-0014E15ED25B.jpeg image url)

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    @juliemillardart welcome to the forums! Traditional is hard to tweak but I would recommend making the people larger to fill up some of the space above them. Unless you plan on adding some sort of text in that space. If that is the case then having more canvas at the bottom. The girl on the right is almost touching the bottom which is causing a little tension.

  • Welcome Julie! This piece is really fun. I love the gestures of the kids. You've really sold the mood that they are having fun and dancing around. I think @Chip-Valecek brings up a good point about the composition. Did you play around with different composition thumbnails before starting on this? I would suggest thinking more about what you are trying to convey with this piece. Is this piece more about the kids? Is featuring the environment an important part?

    As is, it feels like the setting is just as important as the kids having fun. It emphasizes how small they are and hints at the beauty of their environment. If this is what you are going for, I'd suggest pushing it further by playing with the environment even more, and making the kids even smaller. I'd also play with putting some closer to us and some further back.

    Maybe something like this?


    That's one possible solution, but if it's more about the kids, then I'd think about making them bigger, as Chip suggested.

    I know at this point, you might not want to change it, since it looks like a finished piece, but it might help in future pieces.

    Thank's for posting, I hope to see more of your work!

  • Welcome to the forums! Nice work for this month's prompt.

    I see a lot of nice movement in the dancing ('specially the jumping twirling girl in the middle right)

    For next time I would take a look at the composition class that's offered at SVS. It really helped me when it comes to utilizing all the space and planning everything out.

  • Thank you so much for the helpful critiques! I knew they were too close to the ground when I started, but my impatience led me to keep going. And I am learning how important thumbnails are! Thank you so much!

    I have decided that I will try it again, and hopefully finish in time for the deadline. Your advice is so helpful!

  • 0_1535658780449_6AB92C86-0094-41EE-B5FC-001977A61540.jpeg

    Thanks so much for the suggestions. This is my finished piece. Far from perfect, but I am happy with the progress I am making. 😌

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