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  • Hi everyone. I did a little froggy character for a thing and wanted to know if anyone had feedback. Specifically I’m having trouble with Figuring out how to choose colors. If anyone has resources on that or if a class on svs would help please let me know. The other thing I have trouble with is hair, it looks like a wig but that may be because im trying to draw it on a frog. Any other feedback is welcome. Thank you! I posted the ink one as well.
    1_1535116368700_64166180-1434-4E35-B10E-ACD7109DFE40.jpeg 0_1535116368700_5A58F2D3-0A9E-48E1-A6C4-9E184D75BC12.jpeg

  • I don't think it looking like a wig is a bad idea lol. It makes it comical and charming, unless that isn't what your going for. As far the color, the first thing that came to mind was The Joker at Christmas time 🤷 again if that's not what your going for well yeah lol. I would suggest maybe a less saturated red, or just a different red, maroon imho would look nice. What kinda feel are you going for with the piece?

  • Yeah I see what you're saying with the comical and charming but no i want it to look like the hair is natural. I think i got the same feedback about color from my partner. I'm trying to make the colors complement each other. I know nothing on color theory or have an eye for color so I am trying to figure out where a good resource is so I can study it.

  • @swordofodin something I do is have a scrap piece of paper and make swatches next to each other and pick what I like. Color is pretty subjective so if you like it, can't "usually" go wrong. With that said, just having a simple color wheel and knowing that complementary colors look good. Colors near each other (there's a word for that but I forget) on the wheel look good.
    Also check this out. I haven't watched this exact video but I know he always makes interesting and informative videos.

    She's funny

    This guy is always pretty thorough

    Hope this helps 😬✌

  • SVS OG

    This already looks very professional. I have no critiques here. Good job!

  • The line art is great, no criticisms there. I think the wig adds to the showiness of the character. I like Adobe Color for color resources. You can pick from the most popular, or put in a prompt, like circus, or frog and it will spit out dozens of canned palettes. Or, I also like looking on pinterest for similar themed art and choosing an illustration or two that I like and picking my palette from that.

  • @leothejediartist thanks so much!

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