Music WIP Despository (crit welcome)

  • Hiya SVS Forum!

    Thought I might follow suit with the other folks and come up with my own spot for depositing progress and accruing feedback! In that vein, here's a little sketch i threw together to get my feet wet with the project.


  • Alright, time for some more process-y concepting. I've gone through the process of developing a companion character which is based off of an ocarina, and I'm looking for feedback on this one. Is it too complicated? Too obtuse? Too busy? Let me know!




  • @jabbernewt I love the concept. Are you going to add the musical contraption back in? I think it will seal the deal if you do.

  • @chrisaakins Oh, they're two completely different critters! Based off of an organ and ocarina respectively! Here, I've been doing comp concepts:



  • Neat designs! Though still mechanical and spiky they seem friendly.

  • @art-of-b Thanks! Not to impose on your time, but did either of the concept sketches seem plausible?

  • @jabbernewt

    As plausible as little critters made made to resemble musical instruments can be, I suppose 🙂

    The spider might like some joints in its legs, but that may bring it closer to 'creepy spider' territory instead of being a friendly spider.

  • Alright, I've got three concepts here, and I'd love feedback on them!


    The first is classic, "little critters are surprised to be discovered by the owner of the house they've taken up residence in," sort of dealio. Little bit of humor, but also fairly played out, I think. Also will present significant learning curves, as I have yet to begin practicing my figure drawing.

    The second is a little more fun, and will be a little more on the universally understood side. These two creatures find each other and start making music, to the point of dancing around! This particular comp is fairly two-dimensional, which is something I try to address in the next concept, but it leaves a lot of room for more iconographic elements like the musical notes. The background would be some sort of brick or vegetation, like in an abandoned industrial building.

    The Third concept is a furthering of the second, with the characters in 3/4 view to emphasize depth. For this particular concept I've added in a third character to act as percussion. I've left my quick sketch for it on the bottom right.

    I'd love to know which of these three y'all think has the most potential as an illustration. Personally, I prefer two, just because it does a good job of focusing on the bond that the two creatures are making with their music, but I recognize that the other two might also have potential or appeal that I do not see.

  • Concepted the colors/materials for the Ocarina Spider in my free time between lunch and class today: 0_1534868797869_843e7732-8f9f-465a-af09-69cd32ba38b1-image.png

  • SVS OG

    I'm digging this little guy! Great concept!

  • @jabbernewt

    I think option 1 has the most potential for a striking illustration. I suppose it all depends on how comfortable you feel drawing that awesome worm's eye view.

  • @art-of-b Hrm... Well, I think you're right, but unfortunately the thing I'm uncomfortable with is people. I might be able to cobble something together which resembles correct proportions and a cleverly-simplified expression, but the thought of tackling that is a little daunting at the moment, I'm afraid 😕 Though I could try...

    I've skipped now several steps, (value and listening for feedback) and I'll return to them, but to feel out where the colors will lie I've taken the liberty to using the rough sketch from which I'm starting a little mix of the second and third comp. I can give comp one a go as well, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Here's a rough idea of where I was thinking of going with those two:


    Again, I'll return to the values study next time I sit down to work, but for now I wanted to check things out like this.

  • @Art-of-B Okay, so I gave the "caught!" idea another go, and I'd have to put some serious work into it, but I made a rough value study to see what it might look like. 0_1535145365241_b5bc3cf5-0d03-4279-915e-dd6ed9f0eb58-image.png

    I enjoy the idea of being able to pull this one off, but I'm caught between just using the dancing idea simply because I don't need as much time to draw what I'm thinking about. Have you ever run into a situation like that? Was it better just to put the work into something new, or did you default to the scene that would take less time to complete? Thanks for your feedback along the way!

  • For reference:

  • Nice work! I love how all the little details on the instrument-component creatures work together (the spider in particular).

    What piece of music are they dancing on?

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