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    So I am at the stage in illustrating a book where we are coming up with cover ideas and designs. So we have come up with 5 designs total and I would like your feedback on which one has the most appeal--basically which you might be most inclined to pick up. They are just quick sketches for now but of course will be in full cover in the final version for whichever we choose. And any other feedback or suggestions would also be appreciated.

    Some info-
    Title: The Jiu-Jitsu Ponytail
    Target Audience: Girls and boys ages 6-10

    1. 0_1532707538655_image1 (1).jpeg
    2. 0_1532707575997_coveridea1.jpg
    3. 0_1532707602501_coveridea3.jpg
    4. 0_1532707625240_coveridea4.jpg
    5. 0_1532707643123_coveridea5.jpg

  • In 4 there are a couple of tangents with the illustration coming very close or touching the text but I like this design

  • I like number 4 because of the perspective and the way that the ponytail is more important. My only suggestion is about the title, I feel that there is not enough space between the character and the title.

  • I like #4, I agree with the others the character is a little too close to the title but I love the perspective and how it gives the attention to the pony tail. I see that #1 has a lot of votes too, maybe work up #4 similarly for a better comparison between the 2.

  • @rcartwright @Flordevitaz @shiggins180 Thank you all! Sounds like you are all saying similar things, that you like the design of 4 but the title placement needs some reworking. Or perhaps I could make the character a bit smaller? Not sure but I can definitely play around with it. According to votes, number 1 is in the lead now but your suggestion is a good one @shiggins180 that maybe I should add some color and more details to 4 to see if that helps.

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    I like one and four. One, because of the great exasperated expression on her face and, four, because of the perspective and design. If you could put the emotion from one into four that would be perfect. 👍

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