Coming out of the Mushroom Village

  • I didn't manage to finish my Mushroom Village piece in time, but continued to work on it. At the same time, the small story that was being developed in it started branching out a bit and I am making a few pieces here and there and maybe will tie everything together. For now, it's being just exploration of the characters and a bit of the environment, and I am really enjoying these small pieces/moments of the story.

    P.s.: the initial idea of the main piece was actually an old attempt that me and my wife had to do a collab piece. The mushroom forest on top of the fallen tree trunk and the creatures living inside of the trunk. Two different worlds connected by some event. For several reasons, my wife couldn't work on her part (the mushrooms forest on top) and then I decided to recycle the idea for the contest.

    This piece bellow was done in two lunch breaks. First the sketch then the painting with watercolour. I scanned it and just did some basic colour adjustment digitally.

    0_1531994558762_Harvestman peting spider - Watercolor signed - Mid Res.png

  • Just throwing some ideas of the main character exploring the outside world. It lives inside the tree bark and decided to go out and explore.

    Still need to work more on character expression for creatures without many "human" features.

    0_1531994709194_Exploring the outside world - Mid Res.png

  • The main piece is still a WIP.

    0_1531995045488_Finding the Light - Mid Res.png

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    I think it looks cool, I look forward to seeing it finished.

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