Beginning Painting in Photoshop LIVE CLASS

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    Hi guys,

    I'm hard at work building a new class that shows you a clean and easy method for painting in photoshop. If you struggle with getting good results from painting in photoshop, you are going to really like this class! I'm going to break down the steps to getting good paintings every time using easy to follow step by step techniques that work no matter what style you want to paint in. This class is going to be a game changer for a lot of you!

    Class dates will be starting in the fall (dates formally announced soon)! It will be a 10 week class and will be $450 for svs members, $500 for non members. The content will be going in the subscription late next year. : )

  • I'm SOOO hoping I can take this!!!

  • @Lee-White --I don't have a drawing tablet other than an Intuos. There's no way I can swing a purchase of a better alternative before the class (hoping I can just fit the class into my budget!) Am I gonna be sunk not having a good tablet? Alternately, are you going to offer it again as a live class in the future?

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    @Eli A tablet would be fine. I taught this class at a university and we all used tablets and it worked well! The real thing I am teaching is how to see differently. Making the marks is actually pretty easy if you know what to do.

  • that's great, thanks!!

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