How to Make Money in Illustration course – where does (physical) toy/game art fit?

  • I just finished all three courses for "How to Make Money in Illustration" – which are excellent by the way – and I'm trying to figure out where something fits into the types of work an illustrator can do.

    How about artwork for toys, games, puzzles, etc? (I'm referring to physical toys/games, not electronic or digital.) Box art, but maybe also artwork that goes on the product itself. That seems closest to "Magic the Gathering", which @Lee-White covered in part 2, but I wanted to see what others (or even Lee) thought. Broadly, that does seem like it fits under "publishing" as well, but wanted to know if others had some specific info on pros, cons, pay structure, artist rights, etc.


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    I don't know much about toy/game art. I'll ask Will and see if he knows more. He is working on a board game now...

  • @lee-white Cool, thanks!

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