Hoping for feedback on Glinda changes

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    Hello all - i'm working through my list of drawing to fix for my Oz project - Glinda is one of the ones that have always bothered me somehow - i've gotten mostly negative feedback about the direction i'm going with her....was wondering if that might be the general consensus.... i feel like i am improving her - but i have been wrong before - the original is on the left and the next two are newer iterations - any thoughts much appreciated 🙂


  • Hello!
    Nice work 😃
    I'm not sure what you're looking to improve... It looks like a nice character... I'm just wondering if her face is supposed to look that blurry? I think I like the middle image best, because you can still make out the house within the tornado 🙂

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    My thought is she doesn't look friendly enough. She is the good witch isn't she? Light and soft and smiley is what I think about her. I do like the character you have though I think it just needs a little more happiness added to it.

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    @lady-chamomile Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate your input - the middle one is the one that i am liking best too - i am hoping that she is not so much blurry as she is a bit fuzzy because of the brush i'm using and the charcoal'y feel i am going for with the series - you can see the rest of them at kevinlongueil.com - i think she fits in well? - Thank you again 🙂

    @Jason-Bowen Thank you Jason! Very good point for sure. I am titling the book as "A Slightly Dark Vision of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" ... the book Is a bit dark really .. i was going for a bit of a "knowing" expression with Glinda - i took her as being powerful and quite serious in the book .... i really do appreciate your feedback Jason - thank you again!

    I will keep working on this one - i need to soften some of the hard lines on the hands and sort out the swirl and the silhouette of her shoulders a bit more..


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    I think her face looks blurry because the hands are more sharp. If everything was as blurry as the face it would be different. It is hard to pull off a blurry face because we are so drawn to them. It is hard to focus on the hands because we want to look at the face but it feels blurry so we try to look at the hands but you just keep going back and forth. Beautiful strokes overall and nice character design.

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    @holleywilliamson Thank you for the feedback Holley! - i think you nailed the fuzzy issue 🙂

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    Here is an update (everyone sick of Oz by now 🙂 - i think her eyes are looking better..less blurry - still much to do (especially her left hand and arm) - thank you to everyone for the feedback - so helpful to me!


  • @kevin-longueil Nope, not sick of Oz at all. Keep posting them until you're completely happy with them. That's what the forum is all about, and it's really satisfying to see these images refined and perfected (and educational for those of us who haven't yet attained your skill level! 🙂 ) The eyes are looking great. They've taken on a knowing twinkle but still retain an air of mystery. I am having a tough time figuring out the left hand, but you've already mentioned that.

    It's such a cool image and I love the version you went with.

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    I like different parts of them all. I like the third head. I like the second and third background as far as the deeper contrast goes but maybe something that fades out a bit more but not as dtastically as on the first one on the right side of the house. I think I like the bigger house on the first one. ,I also like seeing more of the bottom hand I think the sparkly effect is nice on one and two but I feel the swirls should be much more transparent and sparkly instead of kind of solid so you can still see the house. More solid than the first one but more transparent than the rest. That might have been totally confusing but, I can't do a draw over so.....

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    @eli Thank you for the feedback Eli and it is good to hear that you are not tired of this project yet! I'm really glad you are liking the direction this is going - i was actually wondering just today if you were approving of the new version!...i'm in that phase where i cannot really see objectively anymore and i keep making change after change....that arm is next on my list for sure ... i do think i may be hearing "finished not perfect" calling in the distance - better get as much done as i can before she shows up 🙂

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thank you for the feedback Marsha! Your critique is not confusing at all - very good to hear your thoughts too. I go back and forth with the transparency of the swirl - i'll have another look at it - I did go with the third head for the latest post - she is my favorite too (and i really like her impossible earrings 🙂 - i have the house on it's own layer and keep messing with the size - you have actually mentioned most of my conflicts 🙂 .....much appreciated - thanks again!

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