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    So instead of doing any art this weekend, I spent my time coding out my updated website. I would love any feedback, thanks!


  • Here is my quick feedback after a quick look through your site.

    3 second rule - Homepage
    I could tell you do some sort of art. I would add some text that actually says what you do and a call to action. A call to action would be something like "View portfolio", or "enquire to hire" or something - you need to decide what you want a brand new person to your site to do. For someone who is new to your stuff, directing them to your portfolio would be a good start.

    About Page
    Doesn't exactly align with your homepage. Your first paragraph is about websites and social media, the last sentence is about illustration. I would put more focus on illustration.

    Your site has a mixed message.
    I can see you have included your website design and branding along side your illustrations. It sends mixed messages. I would have this site be 100% illustration, and set up another that takes care of the website design stuff.

    Eg, if I was someone coming to your site for webdesign, I would be turned off - why? Becuase it looks like an artists website rather than a webdesigner.

    Hope that helps.

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    @concept You must be on a mobile phone. On the homepage I do have a button to the portfolio but I hide it on mobile right now. I will fix that. I will also add a tagline with a little info.

    I will look to tweak my about page. I have had this site for since I started to freelance websites, and since that is dying of for me with all these free services I figured I would move and try to get more illustration work. I figured I would keep all that on there so people would see I can do it all. But I get what you are saying about people being turned off. Maybe I will move all of that under my projects page.

    Thanks again for the great feedback.

  • Hey mate,

    I was looking on my computer. I see it now. It wasn't obvious in the 3 second ruie. Maybe move it front and center. Have a line of text outlining what you do, then below it have a button that says view portfolio.

    I can see why you put your button to the side (I'm guessing to show off the pictures?) however think of the home page as a digital business card that people land on and then find what they want - make it as easy as possible for them.

    Yes, have those images - it gives the impression of what you do, but I'd put the button to your portfolio in the middle to direct people to where you want them to go. The portfolio is for showing off you work.

    Hope that helps and clarifies things. 🙂

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    Wow @Chip-Valecek you have an awesome amount of experience in a lot of different areas! You are super talented. I think @Concept nailed it that your biggest challenge will be to send a clear message about your product. It also took me a while to notice the buttons, mostly because I was looking at the great background. The about page made it sound like what you really want is illustration, so if were looking for help in another area. I may be hesitant to ask.

    What do you think about a splash page or just a home page that asks them to choose what they are interested in, and then sends them to that portfolio? Maybe "Welcome to c-shell media! Would you like web-design/branding or illustration?" Then tailor an about page, and contact page, etc. for each path. To me character design, Simpsons style, inktober and fan art are all sub categories under illustration. And Web design and branding could go together.

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    @Chip-Valecek I found this article and thought of how you have so many creative avenues. Look under #2. It gives a cool example of a menu that could work for you. It also talks about using illustration in web design (that is the overlap maybe you could market it!)


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    @juliepeelart Thanks for the feedback, I started to work on the changes and took the web design and branding down from the portfolio and moved it under projects. I am rethinking what to call that page since its not all projects on there. I hate to give up the fact that I can do web design and I would like people to know I can do it, but I also get how that can turn people away as well. I could go the route of different sites, but I also wanted to have it all in one place. Things to think about...

    I liked the 2nd option on that article you sent, but when you actually go to the site, they already updated it LOL. Still looks good.

  • Nice website! I think it works great on desktop. I do agree that your branding seems confusing. Do you want to be known as cshellmedia as an illustrator? If not I'd recommend branding yourself under a more artsy name. Best of luck!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Thank you all for your feedback. I took it all and tweaked the site some. I am going to sit on it for a few days before I start to push it on my social media. So if you come across anything please let me know. Thanks!

  • Had a quick look mate. Very slick. Looking much better. Well done.

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