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  • Hello everyone, I am immensely glad to have joined the course as I continue to learn and improve my art work. I have so far published 5 children book and I confess they could have been far far better if only I knew about everything I learnt in the last few days.

    Attaching couple of illustrations that I did incorporating some of the learning from the courses. Please do review and I am all ready to take criticism 🙂

    0_1529922751651_messy bun princess_illustration 4.jpg 0_1529922624665_messy bun princess_illustration 3@2x.jpg

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    @anitha-rathod Hey I like your pictures, I hope you don't mind I did a quick paint over on one of them to show you another possibility to add more drama to the running couple. If I get time later I will do my take on the other. Hope it helps 🙂

    0_1529932924997_messy-bun-princess_illustration-4 colour test.jpg

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    @anitha-rathod are you using reference for your images? One of the biggest things is to use reference until you can fill your creative bank as Jake Parker says.

    The inside of the castle floor looks sorta like a wall, the perspective of it is off. And it looks like they are running into a corner. It doesn't feel like the straight wall is going to curve along with the other one.

    For the lower picture I would get some reference of horses. Maybe a google of people walking along with a horse. Your anatomy is off with your human characters. For example the man on top of the horse hands are almost 3 times larger then the man walking the horse.

  • Hi Anitha. Welcome and thanks for posting! Instead of offering a detailed critique of each of your illustrations, I'm going to give you a recommendation on what I feel would help you most to study at this point in time. Based on these illustrations, I recommend that you study and practice perspective and constructing objects out of simple 3D forms. This will help you in your compositions, in your anatomy, in your buildings, and so much more. I can tell you are already on the right track, and putting more study in this area will give you so much creative freedom.

    For example Chip mentions that the perspective is off on the floor, making it look like a wall, or perhaps a hallway going up hill. One principle of perspective is that ellipses flatten out the closer you get to the horizon line. This principle can be applied to other shapes as well.


    So if we apply it to your floor, it will make it more convincing. If this is a level hallway, we would expect the stones to appear thinner or flatter as it gets closer to the horizon.


    I think once you've gained a bit more skill in your drawing abilities, the quality of your artwork will start to skyrocket.

  • @jason-bowen Hey Jason... thank you so much..this really helps

  • @tessaw Thanks for the review, Tessa. I will practice more and improve my drawing skills. thanks again!

  • SVS OG

    0_1530032011316_test look.jpg

    Here is a way to solve the composition of this one. I added some extra character ideas for you to think about too. Glad my other one helped 🙂

  • @jason-bowen thank you very much

  • As mentioned above I recommend learning to draw basic 3D shapes and 'drawing through' your forms in the sketching phase.

    A good class on SVS for this is Jakes 'How to draw everything'.

    Good luck! 🙂

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