Fiasco Squirrel Cop please critique

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    Hi this was an assignment from Turbocharging Creativity, and I am trying to bring it to finish. Please let me know what you think about the cop’s gesture, any tangents, the overall value and lighting of the piece. I will fix the outline of the piece later.

    The keyword is fiasco. The squirrel ran into the fire then out again and the couch is about to catch on fire.


  • A few suggestions...
    I think you need to add more contrast to your lighting, so make the foreground darker as it's under a sofa, keep the midground the same and make the background lighter. Also study some light logic, especially how form shadows work. The cast shadow under the sofa wouldn't be purple but a darker shade of the carpet colour. Also as there's less light under the sofa introducing a strong light source like the fire on the squirrel's tail would create some really harsh shadows. Hope that's helpful.

    alt text

  • SVS OG

    Oh dear, poor squirrel!! (Yes, I'm more concerned with the animal than the furniture!)
    I think there might be tangents, or at least things that don't look quite right, with the wine glass touching the squirrel's behind, and the squirrels leg on the cop's hand.

    I think you did well with the flames, and the angle really gives it a feel of the chaos of the situation 🙂 Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  • Hi,

    I think that the expression of the police look more like he is tired. Maybe change a little the eyes and also the hands. Try that the police want to reach the squirrel or something like that.

  • SVS OG

    Please let me know what you think. I'm just not sure I like the finished product.

    0_1532472263981_Squirrel_Cop Final small.jpg

  • Hey Hollie, this is super cute! If you want a little more focus on the squirrel, I'd suggest pushing the perspective a bit and perhaps darkening the background a little.


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