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  • I'm about to go deep into master studies and had a question about how to pick images. Artists I want to do master studies of include Skottie Young, Daniel Warren Johnson, James Harren, Jake Parker, Creature Box, Joverine, and Marcio Takara.

    My goal is to really get a lot of the training I missed out on in my high school years. Getting a better grasp of anatomy and proportions. What types of images from these artists do you think would be best to choose. Because they are mostly comic book artists, they do everything from sequential art to commissions of 1 to 2 characters.

    Want to get a good set of images to start studying.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Pro SVS OG

    I would say don’t overthink it too much - pick the images that strike you when you browse through their books or portfolio. While you copy them, you can try to answer the question why they caught your attention in the first place. I made a few copies of Skottie Young`s work because I was intrigued by how he handles extreme expressions. I just flipped through his comic books (I Hate Fairyland is one of my favorite comics of all times) and just stopped and copied whichever extreme expression had caught my eye. Every artist will seek different things at different stages of their journey....

  • Thanks Simona! That's good advice!

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