Mushrooms with Thumbelina--please vote

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    I was going to just go with my first idea, because I was a little worried about getting this done by the end of the month. But then decided this is the perfect opportunity to apply what I learned from the Turbocharging Creativity class. Please let me know which version you like best!

    0_1529355772643_2018_06 Mushroom Village copy.jpg

  • So I like 2,3,&4. If I had to chose just one for June's competition, it would probably be #2.

    That being said, here are my thoughts on each one as it pertains to your portfolio as a whole, and not just this competition.

    1. Initially this is my favorite. It's dynamic and it really emphasizes Thumbelina's emotions. The angle leading up to the toad heightens the feeling of reluctance. Also the mushrooms that you are using are a cool variety that I haven't seen people on here use as much. My one qualm with choosing this one, is I've noticed on your Instagram, that you've used a similar composition in three of your pieces already. . . where there's a character in the foreground, and then an "S" flow leads you toward another character. I think it's totally fine to utilize similar compositions, but it's something to be aware of.

    2. This one feels classic and while it's not as dynamic as 2 or 3, it's attractive and I think it would add variety to your portfolio.

    3. This one would also add variety to your portfolio and it feels like it could potentially be as dynamic as #2. I do think you would need to play with this particular composition more, and produce more thumbnails based on it.

    Those are my thoughts! I think it was a good idea to apply what you learned from the class you took, it produced some really good ideas!

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    @tessaw thanks for your feedback! I am loving that S curve, dang. Lots of good comments to think about

  • @holleywilliamson I'm really liking #2 as well, especially the mother frog & Thumbelina. I think the tree feels super thin & tall, and is taking up more attention than it deserves -- maybe because it's the only straight lines, and it comes down forcefully through the middle. It might not have as much effect once it's rendered if it has rougher texture to soften the straight lines and if it blends with the background.
    I love S curves, too! If you do want to change it up, you could try moving the mother frog & Thumbelina into the lower left corner & have the frog son in the upper right--creating a simple curve instead of the S-shape.
    I also like #4. Maybe you could add to the excitement by giving some movement to her hair and dress.
    These are a great start! I'll be watching to see which one you choose!

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    I went with number 2, in part because I am running out of time and don’t feel very well- just a cold but it is kicking my butt. But I also really like #2. And I had an idea for foreshadowing. A beacon of hope. The butterfly shape in the negative space of the leaves foreshadows the event of the butterfly saving her. Maybe I should do a fish also since the fish helps to save her also? Here is my value study and color study.

    1_1529652245431_D74A44F7-2268-4616-87F9-002A78DFBC19.jpeg 0_1529652245419_4828295B-8277-44BC-BE6D-A654B2CA18A2.jpeg

  • I think you chose well. It really is a cool composition that effectively conveys the mood. My suggestion would be to maybe push the angle of the boy toad a bit more so it feels we are really looking up at him. I think it would make it look even more foreboding.


    I like the addition of the butterfly and I think adding the fish would be cool as well!

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    @tessaw thank you that looks great

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    Here is my cleaned up sketch. I sort of hate painting bushes. What do you think about stylizing the bushes? I have seen artwork I like where the greenery is more stylized than the rest of the illustration. 0_1529960564090_ABB4D645-AE58-4315-B30B-AD2318E2D35C.jpeg

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    @holleywilliamson I think that would be fine to do with the bushes since they are not your main focal point. Looking forward to seeing this complete.

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    0_1530396943054_Thumbelina Toadstools.jpg

    Here's the final!

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    So I turned this in for the contest but I would like to use it for my portfolio so if there is any feedback that would be much appreciated!

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