Rain or Shine it's Mushroom time! (WIP)

  • Alrighty all my awesome art friends. I've been loving seeing everyone's WIP's for the Mushroom Village prompt.

    I've been wanting to push myself with lighting situations and can't decide which one I should take on this month... A really bright sunshine image, or one that is full on rain with little bright spots of light from the mushroom windows.

    The first sketch would be full sunshine and bright colors. (More of a focus on the mushroom village itself, kind of a mix between Swiss Family Robinson, meets Ewok Village)

    The second it would be raining with mostly muted colors, a few bright pops of color & light. I'm also fond of that little frog holding his mushroom umbrella.

    Which one are you guys more drawn to? Also, any crits or suggestions on the compositions?

    0_1529073073215_mushroom village wip.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I like the second one because I also like the frog and also around here, mushrooms erupt when we've had a lot of damp weather so I associate them more with rain.

  • The first one looks very static and stiff because of the vertical angle the second one looks much better but maybe consider an animal that doesn't like to be wet like a mouse purely for story purposes

  • I like the premise of the first one. But I think the second one is better executed.

    I'm not sure where I would begin to alter the first one...

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @artwithashley i like the second one because of the characters, it has more story to it.

  • SVS OG

    I like the second one too because the mushroom umbrella made me laugh.

  • @artwithashley Number two! Looking really good. I struggle with lighting so looking forward to seeing this one. It's a bit different.

  • I like both, but the second one is definitely more dynamic. It puts you smack-dab in the middle of a story. What's interesting is that even though the mushroom building in the second one isn't as elaborate and it's proportionally very small in relation to the frog, it's the one I feel that I want to enter the most, because I can sympathize with the frog.

    It would be interesting to see the first image thumb-nailed in different light and color moods. What would it look like if you made it a nights scene, with the windows and doors glowing, and a traveler in the foreground, or a rainy scene, like your second image?

    I'd go with the one that's most exciting to you and that would enhance your portfolio best, as I think both images are pretty strong.

  • @artwithashley Just reading your text, I was already liking the rain idea, and then I scrolled down & Oh! that frog is great! I also think the composition is much more interesting in the rain sketch.

  • I like the one with frog better! it has more story on it. But maybe to add even more story, how if in the mushroom house there's another frog or character (maybe fairy? or tiny guy, etc) open the door? so it seems the frog is waiting in the rain outside just arrive from somewhere or he wants to meet someone. I like your composition and idea anyway. Looking so much forward to see more! 😃

  • Well it's decided, you guys are all awesome. I really appreciate your feedback and help. I think that the first idea may have to be revisited at a later time. I think having a bridge leading toward the viewer, and possibly a traveler in the foreground like @TessaW mentioned. But I think it will need more work and time then I currently have for this piece.

    So it looks like frog in the rain wins this round. I think he will be holding the umbrella for a tiny mouse or bunny friend, who is less fond of getting wet. Maybe, up the scale of the mushroom door so they could actually fit inside. Should be fun to see how it all comes together.

  • @artwithashley Well, just because he likes to swim in the water, doesn't mean he likes being rained on! 🙂

  • +1 for the 2nd scene. I think the composition looks great and the scene reads really well. If you are going to add another character one thought that came to mind is perhaps he is holding it out for the creature coming out of the house as though is it for a dear friend, or even a first date.

    Be careful with the mushrooms in the back so that they don't cause the umbrella the frog is holding to blend in too much with them. I like their angles but you could probably do to vary them slightly.

    Looks like it will develop into a lovely piece though

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