Draw Everything Course “Final Project” 😅

  • Hey friends,

    I’ve just started some of these classes at SVS and recently finished the Draw Everything course. It was phenomenal. Anyway posting my self assigned final project here for feedback and pointers especially from those who have taken the course also. I actually think I used three points of perspective in this. Hope you all are well.


  • SVS OG

    Wow, that looks amazing!

    I love all the detail. You are so good at linework and rendering. I love the design too.

    My only critical feedback would be that the pose is stiff and lacks storytelling.

    The character on the thumb looks like an afterthought instead of a focal point.

    The silhouette is a little murky.

    I think the giant should be looking right at the character on the thumb and the pose should reflect that.

    Here's a little drawover I did to show you what I'm talkingabout:

    I think the next step for you in your art is to look at how to tell a story with your drawing. Pay more attention to posing in the initial stages of the drawing. And make sure the character is acting.

  • @Jake-Parker wow thank you. Yes the boy was a complete afterthought haha. Nice catch. I definitely tend to just start drawing without knowing where I’m going. And Ive definitely noticed a lack of interaction between characters and a lack of emotion also. Everything looks flat to me and it’s not just my shapes. Building a story behind my concept beforehand could definitely help with this. Im so happy to be starting from the ground up with these classes! Thank you again for the incredibly helpful feedback.

  • @jdrpictures Congratulations on finishing the course, and giving yourself a final project! 🙂

    I am working on the same course, but I'm taking my time with it. Recently, I've been trying to improve my line work and learn how to use a brush pen.

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