It's not finished, it's not perfect but, it's all painted!

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    I painted the last two pictures for Uncle Carl Has a Chicken on His Head today! I will go through each one and try to check for little fixes but, this is a personal project and the goal was to finish painting by the end of June..finally did it. I did it in my new fifth wheel home in my front yard at the kitchen table (which conveniently has just enough storage underneath for my art supplies 🙂 ) Husband retires June 29th and july 1st we hit the road for our new adventure! Still have lots to do but wanted to get these to this point. No need to critique (yet...maybe later). I just wanted to be accountable. Have a great day (or night) 🙂



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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen enjoy your adventure, sounds like fun! Great work on getting your project complete, that has to feel good.

  • I love the illustrations. I also love the painting you gave us all with your words, "I did it in my new fifth wheel home in my front yard at the kitchen table." How fun! I love the free feeling of your artwork and the small slice of your life you shared with all of us in one brief paragraph. Thank you for sharing!

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    Congrats on finishing this project - I think it looks super cute!!! And cheers to new adventures on the road! That's a dream of mine...too bad hubby hates to travel.

  • Way to go Marsha, what a huge accomplishment!! Sounds like you both have lots to celebrate and what a fun way to do it by traveling together.

  • Looks wonderful Marsha very expressive characters😀

  • Well done, Marsha! That's got to feel amazing after all of your hard work on this. The paintings are adorable and charming. Good luck on your new adventures! It sounds wonderful!

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    Thanks for sharing. These are wonderfully expressive and funny. Congratulations on finishing your project.

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    Thanks everyone 🙂 It's great to have you all to share with! Great forum!

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