Illustration critique

  • Hello everyone,

    I am working in this illustration, but I have problems with the lighting and I feel that something is missing.
    What do you think?


  • I think of the options I prefer the lighting in number two. The cast shadow gives a sense of scale.

    I can see why you feel like something is missing, though. I think it's partially because there's no defined foreground, midground and/or background. It all looks like it's on the same plane.

    I have NO idea how you'd go about fixing this.

    Looks pretty good, though!

  • @art-of-b
    Thank you so much. I didn´t notice that it looks on the same plane.

  • I worked on the different planes and tried to separate each plane a bit more by blurring. I also did some changes to the color.
    What do you think?


  • SVS OG

    @Flordevitaz I think the lighting is good and the color choices are really fun to look at! I just keep looking at the round item on the street. I believe it’s a manhole sewer thing, is it really necessary for the piece? Other than that I am an overall a fan of this!

  • In the first image, the giant boy seems friendly in a neutral way. It's as though he was just wandering down the street and friendly greeting the people as he goes along his merry way.

    In the second picture, it feel like the boy is menacing and could be up to no good. I think it's because of how the shadow falls over the people in a looming sort of way. If this is not the intent, perhaps it would feel less intimidating if the shadow fell onto the buildings instead of onto the people below.

    In the third picture, it feels as if the boy is friendly in an excited/over-eager way. It's as though he is trying to get the little people to be his friends or come along with him on some grand adventure. It also seems like he is ready to jump up, whereas in the other two photos it seems like he is more grounded and just crouching down.

    In my opinion, each could work. It just depends on what story you are trying to convey.

  • @fauxtoddgraphy and @kadelex thank you so much for your comments. They helped me a lot to notice things that I wasn't seeing.

    I removed the manhole because like you said it didn´t have a purpose. I also changed the shadow so the character looks friendlier now.

  • Final version 😃


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