Environmental Design practice

  • My attempt at designing a unique Wizard Tower.0_1528243844889_TowerDesigns.png 0_1528243854284_WizardTower1.png

  • And here is a little color for fun.

  • @cjones curious to know if the orb at the top is just a source of power or can you actually enter into it? From all of your silhouettes I was going to say that G was the best. What is that hanging from the branch next to the wizard? It sorta looks like a bag, I would thing about removing it. E looks like it could be a cool swap witch house or something like that.

  • I would say it depend on what wizard was living there, what his abilities were. G I thought in silhouette looked like a skull with its mouth opened (to the left) but I rather like C. It looks like boat or a shoe. Our houses and especially our space in home and environments says a lot about ourselves. Like perhaps a wizard living in an old worn shoe is a hoarder of memories and/or antiques (oh my I giving away ideas... lols). Anyways, I like C best. I would say once you have like this a rough idea go back and look to see in the silhouettes if you can see more and develop a story around those details.

    🙂 @Cjones

  • @chip-valecek I was going for a zero gravity wizard study in the form of like a crystal ball. haven't finished it yet. but I wanted to throw in floating book shelves, candles, and other random objects you may find in that environment.

  • 0_1528334109310_wiz2.png

  • @heather-boyd B,C, and G were very difficult to decide haha.

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