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  • Mushroom village: This one is right up my alley. I like to start a new project by slowly introducing it into my daily notebook drawings, finding a way of drawing the subject matter authentically. Not thinking of concept. Anyway heres a page from the notebook , sorry about the quality of photo. I think I may do a little story with this project like maybe a page or to of comics leading up to the big reveal, the mushroom village. Chris , looking forward to seeing yours.

  • @C-Davies

    Mushrooms living in mushroom houses. It's cute. And it's great you play around first then later come up with a concept.
    I came from a concept driven art school and concept generally came first.


  • @heather-boyd , me too, And that's probably why I don't come from concept first anymore.

  • Another page, getting better at photo quality, desaturate and levels works well for that.

    So, and excuse me if my Fruidian slip is showing, there is this phallic nature to this subject, which you really can't get around. And I think the tendency is to go cute with it, you know fairy tale, pokadot kind of stuff, to try and hide that, I think the real challenge will be to say it in a different way, something that says mushrooms with all the fairy ring connotations and maybe something deeper, darker. I mean it is magic right. Remember the nursery rhyme
    Ring-a-round the rosie,
    A pocket full of posies,
    Ashes! Ashes!
    We all fall down.
    That was a really upside down nursery rhyme , cute, but about a really dark subject.

  • SVS OG

    This is so delightful to explore. I'm really loving all the variations of mushroom village ideas.

  • @c-davies Just a share. As I said I was interested in using this competition as an opportunity to do a page or two of comics. I have two different scripts written up. One is a cheery little post apocalyptic idea where the mushrooms are growing out of the carrion of whats left of human civilization (lots of ruined buildings, perhaps partially submerged under water with giant mushrooms growing out of them, it would be fun to draw).
    Doing a little world building, thinking about what sort of 'beings' would inhabit such a place. Just having fun drawing. These were pulled from my notebook, I like to compile them in PS, collect them in a file move them around , see how they look with each other. I know, this is just playing, some would say a waste of time , but it sure is fun. Chris

  • @c-davies Loving this. AWESOME concept.

  • @eli Thanks, I have two other story ideas. One was sort of a mushrooms in space idea , the rebel Mushrooms verses the toadstool overlords. The other is a story about a golden child that must be returned to his sacred village.

  • @c-davies All of those stories are cool

  • Love these! Especially when you get into exploring "people" with them.

  • @c-davies More play...

  • @c-davies Alas not all the people are content in the mushroom village. Sometimes I just start busting out laughing in the studio, I guess that means I'm in the right place. This might just be my submission for the contest.Chris

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