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  • looking for constructive criticism. I feel like there may be a flaw in my focal point since the headlights are so warm. Any thoughts?0_1528138200576_Hopducted COMPLETE low rez.jpg

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @cjones I think you are correct, I would kill the headlights altogether.

  • @cjones My eye did go straight to the headlights instead of the green spaceship. Nice work though!

  • I still like the headlights, so perhaps if you simply lessened their intensity. I feel like the yellow/orange headlights are a breather from the intense green spaceship lights. I also don't think they would be so bright when a halo of green light was shinning down upon the tractor.

    But man, I love your pineapple spaceships! lols


  • I wonder if you made the headlight a beam it could echo the spaceship, but warmer and dimmer

  • @cjones You could dim the headlights if you want to, but honestly my eyes go straight to the white dot and green beam on the underside of the largest spaceship because it has the most saturated color and is located on a third. You could desaturate them a bit considering everything else is very saturated, and they would be outshined by the alien light.

  • @heather-boyd thanks!

  • thanks for the input everyone! My only other concern was my printed image always comes out incredibly dark compared to viewing it digitally on a screen. This happens even when I convert the image to cmyk. Just can not figure out what I may be doing wrong. I feel like it has something to do with my tones/values perhaps?

  • @cjones You're not really doing anything wrong. The thing is that screens have a backlight, so everything is brighter because there is literally light shining through even the darkest areas. Ink on paper does not have the same benefit. You'll probably need to have a file with adjustments you'll use solely for printing. It'll look terrible on screen, but will produce a more accurate image when printed.

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