May FauxContest WIP -- critiques welcome

  • Here is my work-in-progress for the May FauxContest - Black & White theme/prompt.

    In case you missed it, @fauxtoddgraphy started up a "Up for a “contest” still?" thread where he proposed a fake/faux contest prompt--just for fun--in lieu of an official contest for May (since the SVS staff are taking a break on the contest this month--see the bottom of this post: There are only a couple entries so far, so if you have any pieces that would work, or have time to create a quick piece, it would be fun to have more people join in!

    0_1527582479012_spots & stripes WIP.jpg

    So along with the black & white format (per the prompt), I thought I'd go with black & white subject matter as well. One of my nieces is fond of snow leopards and white tigers, so I thought it'd be fun to do an illustration of two cubs meeting & being amused and a little confused about each other's markings.

    Please share any comments / critiques!

  • I am planning on changing the text to make the middle bubble stand out more to correct the hierarchy / reading order. It should read as: Middle bubble 1st, then the other two bubbles.

    I want them to be happy / playful, but I'm also wondering if they should look a little confused, or if it's working with them just kind of wondering.

  • SVS OG

    I like the concept and think making at least one of them have a confused look would be great.

  • @jon-anderson Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! I will work on the confused/curious aspect.

  • @jon-anderson
    Ok, here's my attempt at making the one on the right look more curious by giving him a tilted head and raised eyebrow. What do you think?

    0_1527716834610_spots & stripes WIP2.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @miriam That's cute! I personally would try to exaggerate that curved eyebrow a little more. Looking forward to seeing the stripes and spots.

  • I like the concept for the piece, but I feel that you have a few issues with the sketch. The pose of the animals is quite static and lacks energy, their faces are also really close to each other which gives me the feeling that it is quite a confrontational stance. I would suggest to have a more playful pose to show their interest in each other which would also fit within a tight composition (as opposed to the long horizontal one you have here). Here is a picture of some lion cubs that, although isn't perfect, may help you explore other poses to help emphasis the curious element you want to achieve.


  • @gary-wilkinson Thanks for taking the time to comment and share the picture!

    While I was looking at some reference photos yesterday, I started wondering the same thing about the energy / playfulness of the pose. I was also thinking it might be fun if I could have one looking down and the other looking up.

    I didn't want to start over for a couple reasons--I chose the long format because I thought if it turned out well, I could print it on a mug for my niece; and if I am going to finish it for the fauxcontest, I need to hurry up! But I think you are right--it would be a better composition if I change the pose.

  • 0_1527798680327_spots & stripes WIP3.jpg

  • I'm thinking I should make the drawing a little more cartoon / simpler style to go with the thought-bubbles and humorous aspect.

  • Here' my attempt at using a brush pen. I am very new at using brush pens, so I was pleased with this result, even though there are areas that I'm not satisfied with. It's the first drawing I've been able to finish with the brush pen. (Well, semi-finish, since it's only part of this composition!)

    I need a lot more practice, but it's fun to see that I'm starting to get it!

    0_1527844320279_spots & stripes scan 5.jpg

  • And here's my Final, completed with Copic Multiliner pens.

    0_1527844484455_spots & stripes Final.jpg

    Thanks for the help & support!

  • SVS OG

    @miriam Very cool!

  • @jon-anderson Thank you!

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