Is my work ready to send out?

  • Hey I was wondering if I could get some help deciding if my work is at the point where I could send it to small publishers. I know I have a long way to go, but at what point should I start getting it out there? I could really use your professional opinions. I can handle it lol! Here’s a few samples of my work. Thanks so much! !

    0_1527121635754_B91192D1-986C-4DE2-8E97-495A2E823E71.jpeg 0_1527121525692_BD0750AE-C621-4B54-B2FD-7927B39DB32F.jpeg 0_1527121483047_6B9D3FAA-844E-404D-85A4-C7C320A9B5A4.jpeg

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    I think you have some really fun pieces here, and some really great work. That bear piece is my favorite--as a mom with a toddler I totally relate! I'd LOVE to see more of those characters/style if you have them.

    Do you have a portfolio website, with 10-15 pieces you are proud of? That would be my first suggestion before you even start to think about submitting. There are lots of easy website builders (I use Weebly, but Wix and Squarespace and Wordpress are all popular options) and most have a free option--if you're feeling unsure, just make a free website to see how your work looks! You can wait to pay for the site if you feel you aren't ready. But having the work up is a great feeling! (Or maybe you already have one and this advice is unneeded 😉

    My personal experience is this: I made a portfolio site after taking a class from @Will-Terry even though I wasn't planning on submitting yet. I happened to have a job opportunity fall in my lap, and I happened to have a site to send them to to look at my work without stress. I still get work from that client (just sent an email to them about a new possible job!) So I definitely am a believer in being prepared with a website, even if you're not sure whether you're ready to submit yet.

    Sorry to ramble ;-). Hopefully I said something useful there.

  • @sarah-luann that’s very helpful! I am in the process of getting a website set up. I just need to revise Some tings more. I definitely agree with having that up before I submit. Thanks so much for your advice and encouragement. My husband is always telling me to submit and I always say I’m not Ready! But I’m not sure if i’ll Ever feel ready... 🙂 thanks a lot! I just saw your website and your work is amazing!

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    I literally just had that conversation with my husband! He was like, "I think you need to start that postcard campaign." And finally today I said, "You're right. I've been finding excuses to put it off, saying my portfolio isn't good enough yet. But the fact is I'm never going to think it's good enough." So yeah, I'm designing a postcard right now.

  • @sarah-luann yay! Yeah you are totally ready. Best of luck!

  • Lovely work my favourite is the goat-it isadorable

  • @dottyp Thank you!

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    @sarah-luann I've felt like your work was pro since i first saw it for the "Jack and the Beanstalk 3rd thursday!" i would love to see what you decide to put on your postcard when you are done

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    Thanks, @Kevin-Longueil that means a lot, coming from you, since I think your work is amazing!

    This is what I went with:

  • @sarah-luann I love it!!

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    Thanks! I didn’t mean to hijack your thread, it just seemed simplest to answer Kevin’s question directly rather than making a whole new thread just for that. I’d love to see your portfolio website one you have it up! Drop a link when you have it! 😉

  • @sarah-luann oh, no problem at all! Thanks, I will!

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