Do you think this style would suit book illustration?

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    Do you think this fairly loose style would be suitable for illustrating books? I've tried various ways and this style suits me the most but I'm unsure if it will be worth getting a portfolio together to try and get work or I should go down the most well known artist route and sell paintings and prints... Any advice welcome... I'm going to test my work on society6 anyway as I have been asked for prints for my work.


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    I definitely think that style could work for books! Go look at some in your library or bookstore and see the book covers (all ages), interior illustrations, and children's books. It sometimes feels like there are a few go-to-styles but really there is a wide variety as long as they are compelling! There are so many different kinds of stories and they all need the right feeling for the images that accompany them. You could do both the putting a portfolio together and selling prints etc. It's a great idea to not put all your eggs in one basket and diversify!

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  • @jason-bowen I like the style and I would say that it would suit certain book types. I think the main thing to consider is whether you feel capable of painting in that style to be able to produce consistent high quality work no matter the composition, pose, theme etc

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    Most certainly - there are several books in this style that I remember. Check out, for example, all of Greg Manchess' children books...

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    @Teju-Abiola @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen @Gary-Wilkinson @smceccarelli

    Thanks for your replies. I will march on with this way of painting as I am doing it everyday anyway I thought for some reason I needed to change to get work in childrens books etc. Now I am just developing the painterly way I enjoy with oils but I am now using watercolour and gouache outside everyday and I am learning so much 🙂

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    I think any style would work for a childrens book. Yes there seems to be more of one style but kids love to look at images. Doesn't matter the style as long as it goes with the story. That is just my opinion.

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    @jason-bowen Yes, I do think so. I can picture this being used in detective/mysteries books. Your style may be unusual but all you need is the right story.

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