Need help to make "fake" projects for portfolio

  • Hey guys! As title above im looking for some ideas for 'fake' projects to put in my portfolio. I cant come up with my own because of my own self over expectation/art style/format so i want to know what your ideas. Also is what is the most underrated videos from the library should i watch? Thanks!

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    you need to try to get over your fear of over expectation, etc. Coming up with your own projects and assignments is something that you need to figure out how to do. Other people can't help you too much here.

    So my advice is figure out where you want to go in terms of illustration and come up with some assignments that sound interesting to you. Then, once you have a group of ideas, post them here and see what people think. That is the best route to go and you will benefit greatly from it.

    Watch the finding your style video and you will begin to find your way. : )

    Good luck!

  • @ButterLux Hello! I was actually thinking to myself today that I needed some ideas to expand my portfolio. I always seem to get ideas but never write them down, so I don't remember them when I need them, haha! What I did is list off random nouns and adjectives so that I can springboard off of them, similar to a prompt list for an art challenge. I don't know what kind of portfolio you are trying to build, but a great video is How to Perfect Your Children's Book Portfolio where Lee, Jake, and Will list off all sorts of things to include to make a well-rounded portfolio. If you're not into Children's Books you can apply the same kind of thought process to whatever industry you like. I don't know if they are underrated, but I really like Finding Work/Life Balance, Battling Creative Block, How Did They Get Their Start and any of the Art Critiques videos. I'd say the Art Critiques videos are probably the most underrated. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from watching others get critiqued!

  • One thing that I am trying to do to expand my portfolio is to look at what I am lacking in and base a project on that. At the moment I have 3 on the go to jump around to help keep my mind fresh (it's probably best for most people to just stick with 1). An example of one project is my monster rider series, which focuses on kids and their created monsters, each of which have very different textures, but they all follow or have similar traits to their child creator. This allows me to demonstrate a knowledge of textures, whilst having something to add to my portfolio.

    As Lee said, an important part is to come up with these ideas yourself (at least the initial idea) or else you will feel it isn't 100% your project. Feel free to ask for advice on them, but only to slightly nudge you rather than being reliant on others for ideas.

    Good luck!

  • If you need a jumping off point, you could try re-imagining a fairy tale and do the cover for it. I did that when I used to get stuck, and since rewrites of classic tales with a twist seem to always be around, your work will be current.

  • I haven't made many works and I don't have a style I can call my own.

    But I generate ideas from the things I love and so I make a list. Feelings and moods I wish I could portray, little things that make me happy and bring me peace etc.

    I also create influential artist work files to help me focus on what I like and hope to make similar in the future.

    I also wouldn't refer to projects as "fake", rather use the words "personal projects". There is a lot more love and care in the word personal and people will take note.

    Anyways I hope all these replies will help you spring board further into your creative endeavors!

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